20th Oktober 2015 –Revolution Year -2CE…..Communist Era 2.

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20th Oktober 2015 –Revolution Year -2CE…..Communist Era 2.
« on: October 19, 2015, 10:12:16 PM »
The Long Starch Through The Institutions……..

Daoud Kamerov and Fellow Travellers at Large……

20th Oktober 2015 –Revolution Year -2CE…..Communist Era 2.


Komrade Kamerov the Besuited Designer Trotskyite-(He probably does not realise it)- has absolutely no intention of holding a Referendum on that increasingly unpleasant totalitarian phenomenon across the Channel. He keeps ‘dithering’ but in fact is playing for time, since on the second ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, in comes Majority Voting in 2017, so he will simply refuse to hold one as it will be against the European law or corpus juris, that will then hold sway…..


Any remnant of Parliamentary power in our Houses of the same name, will be void and our destruction as a state- an independent Kingdom on the shores of Europe- is complete. Kamerov is also a keen Turkophile and by arrangement- according to my sources- has used the “immigration crisis” to facilitate Turkey’s hurried succession into the Europeam Soviet as a bribe to stop the mass immigration, now threatening the very existence of Greece, Italy, and even Spain- all deliberately bankrupted by the so called “elite” to do what they do now before our eyes.


I do believe that Frau Merkel is more of a pawn in this matter and genuinely did not expect her borders to be swamped so quickly to the point, it now threatens the very survival of Germany itself that may well founder into its constituent Lander states.  Germany has only existed since 1871.


Kamerov’s oily fingers are all over this situation and I shall now tell you how I know. His masters in the US Washington Obama Moslem Brotherhood- Neocon (most of whom have Israeli citizenship too) controlled White House had the Royal Air-force issue orders to shoot down Russian jets recently if they felt “threatened” in Syria and Turkey itself, is home to many of those factions used by NATO in ‘Gladio’ black ops, like the one they attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II, in 1981.

RAF were to take the blame rather than USAF jets, so giving Obama a “get out” clause.


 Turkish Gladio gangs smuggled gold and weapons through Bulgaria in the 1980s and still have strong links with drug cartels in South America and everywhere else. ISIS itself is a “Gladio operation” par excellence, supplied, financed and trained by Turkey and CIA ‘Special Ops’ in the Middle East. The head of the Central Intelligence is Moslem convert by the way.


With the 2016-18 accession of Turkey the Moslem population of nearly 100,000,000 in EU will double, even treble within a few years….They will be given visa free entry in 2016….


Merkel and Hollande have just formed space programme alliances with Russia and other compacts, with gas and industrial production in mind with Volkswagen building a factory in the Russian Federation-hence the US exposure of the VW software, that fools particle detectors in European “MOT” tests. Many vehicle manufacturers use them by the way…..


The emissions policies are ridiculously flawed anyway, just like “Cliamte-Change” models….Just another scam for the Kleptocracy- “Gnagsters” to you and me that is……


The USA is terrified of a Putin-Merkel linkup and controlling the migration tap  “on/off” valves via Turkey is the way to “handle” Frau Merkel. The US is quite capable and willing to destroy Germany and France to ensure its hegemony over its vassals, as is this stupid UK Government.


My educated guess is that, they have gone too far now and ensured serious civil unrest in Europe and more than likely a civil war too….Such is “American Exceptionalism” but one would ask ‘Exceptional’ in what? Mass murder and stupidity? Greed? Pig ignorance?


Yep they excel in the above don’t they? I loathe America and what it has become- a clear and present danger to the very existence of Humanity.

Julian Farmer

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