Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate

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Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate
« on: October 20, 2015, 10:48:54 PM »
Germany: Migrant Crime Wave, Police Capitulate

by Soeren Kern
October 11, 2015 at 5:00 am


This is from a retired RAF officer who served in the sixties and is now working and living in Germany. Dear Friends, Europe is now in total chaos and I think that you should know about it. I have waited a week or so to see how things will develop and to glean more information before presenting the f…

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing" - Albert Einstein

"To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving
 peace." George Washington

ALSO this article via Don Hank in the USA:

Our thanks to Dr. Clifford for this news item. I believe I may have sent this item to this group earlier. However, I want to reiterate that I checked out the links and they in fact do open to German-language reports that confirm what is written here. I had also said that if these reports came from high-profile sources such as Die Welt, then they are only the tip of the iceberg because Germany is, and has been at least since the 3rd Reich, one of the most heavily muzzled countries in Europe (along with France).

Yesterday I watched a talk show  on Deutsche Welle (DW) in which this topic of crime among immigrants was raised. The only person with the courage to mention this was a prominent member of AdF (Alternative für Deutschland, a political party that is growing in popularity). This mild-mannered man was constantly interrupted by the other guests and was held to scorn. Some of the other guests claimed there was not a shred of evidence to suggest that there was a higher rate of criminality among immigrants than among the general German population. As a reference point, note that Sweden had almost a zero rape rate before the Muslim immigrants started pouring in around the time of the Iraq war. Now Sweden is said to be the rape capital of the world and almost every rape is attributed to a Muslim immigrant.

On this show, German Justizminister Heiko Maas, a particularly fawning and insignificant individual who defends the Reich's draconian policies, warned the AfD man that some of the things he was saying might be criminal since they could incite rioting! In other words: Ve have vays of making you not talk.

A young Muslim journalist was interviewed who had been sent to Dresden to report on the anti-invasion rally held by Pegida. This effeminate young man (a high percentage of TV reporters speak with an effeminate accent now) was whining that he was shouted down by the Pegida members when he asked questions, such as "what are you afraid of" (suggesting that people who oppose mass migration must be harbouring irrational fears)? When you consider the way people like the AfD rep was treated on the talk show, it is no wonder people with legitimate questions about immigration and crime are angry and frustrated.

Germany is like a smoldering volcano. Merkel's popularity is plummeting.

Don Hank

Pray for the Germany of Luther and Spener, Buxtehude and Bach, Bonhoeffer and the White Rose. Be aware of the growing Muslim menace at the heart of Europe - and Mrs Merkel's mistaken agenda... May God have mercy upon us, and may Muslims be brought to Christ. The alternative dare not be imagined. It will affect us all, whether in or out of Europe...   

Dr Alan C. Clifford

ALSO please see the article beneath this one sent via Don Hank in the USA

 Europe now in total chaos - short and chilling

Is Britain to be next??


"The Russians are too strong," America is in shock




I did this translation under the gun without much editing time. If you find any bloopers, let me know.

Look hard, Cliffy. If you find a comma out of place, you can write an article on it saying you are a better translator than I am and know a lot more Italian too. Mamma mia and the leetle bambini. Put-a on these-a cementa shoes and have a nice-a swim in the lake-a Cleefy...

Don Hank

Translation from here: http:​//www.​ilgiornale.​it/news/politica/i-russi-sono-​troppo-forti-lamerica-sotto-ch​oc-1183420.html?mobile_detect=​false​

"The Russians are too strong," America is in shock

In Syria, Putin’s soldiers are fielding weapons, speed of movement and media boldness. A show of force that is scary



Paolo Guzzanti - Fri, 10/16/2015 - 08:17


The United States is in shock over what they have seen of the unexpected Russian military prowess in Syria. It is not only the newest and extremely accurate weapons , but also the style, the speed of military movement and even the Kremlin’s media effrontery: openly challenging the Americans to provide the targets they would like bombed and those they wish to save.

Washington has b and it seems that the answer was: we're working on it, we’ll let you know. True or false, this exchange of blows has produced its effect. A detail will give you the idea: the Russians have brought in Syria prefabricated barracks for thousands of soldiers and have set up evening shows with dancers and comedians, variety shows and theater.

Yesterday, the New York Times gave a well-documented picture of the traumatic effect Putin’s war in Syria is having on America. Everyone is affected by a trauma that has only one precedent: that of the launch of the first artificial satellite Sputnik on October 4, 1957. At that time, America figured it gotten it all wrong: schools, training and universities, investment and it underwent a real self-flagellation resulted in the first man on the moon. Now this is not about going to the moon but about making decisions, including diplomatic and intel decisions, at the new unknown object is no longer an orbiting tin can 58 centimeters in diameter in space, but a military machine never before in action with all new weapons that Vladimir Putin had insisted upon even during the devastating crisis due to the collapse in oil prices.

The White House and the Pentagon military and operating staff have spent difficult hours which eventually gave rise to yesterday’s news: Obama has reversed his policy and announced it would not even think about pulling out of Afghanistan. Boots on the ground with stars and stripes remain on the field, partly to support the Russian competition on the battlefield. Moscow’s armed forces in the American, but also the European, image were previously captives of Soviet cliches: millions of soldiers engulfed in ungainly uniforms and millions of tons of iron advancing, spreading miasma and gunfire. Now, with the intervention in Syria we are faced with the first case of a Russia that goes beyond the borders of the old empire, something that has not happened since the days of Afghanistan.


The surprise of the grid and the unexpected speed of scheduling and leadership led analysts to conclude that the military operation in Syria must have been months in the making. In fact the Russian armed forces are not new fast and impressive undertakings: in 1945 when Stalin decided to wipe out the Japanese army in Manchuria when the war was practically over, to balance the effect of the US atomic bombs, he had available magnificent troops who had fought in Europe while military industrial production was at its highest. Waves of large aircraft landed divisions and armaments on the battlefield fueled by a combination air and land never seen before. Nothing remained of the eight hundred thousand Japanese. Today the situation is obviously quite different and American analysts note the clear progress from the Russian intervention in Georgia in 2008 to today, through the secret war in Ukraine without insignias. In Georgia things did not go all that smooth: Putin lost several planes and the infantry was not at its best. It's been seven years since then, and during this time the modernization of the Russian military has changed dramatically and so has its appearance:  Just look at these soldiers on television, and they seem American. They show films of their bombings and treat Americans like jerks ("They have a head full of mush," said Putin). Uniforms, missile boats, control bridges, everything is shown as in a showroom that is also a war.

What will happen when the Americans recover from the trauma? The Pentagon is under fire for neglecting to monitor the changes properly. The CIA is obviously under fire even if American intelligence has long warned especially in central Europe. Historical experience shows that the US has within itself a self-correcting software that worked in the past whenever it had to confront overwhelming power in the field, such as Germany and Japan, but today, fortunately, it is to fight a war between powers, but only to understand what is going and not allow mistakes.

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