1914 AGAIN ???????

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1914 AGAIN ???????
« on: October 25, 2015, 08:56:31 PM »

10 to 14,000 "migrants" entering Germany daily from Balkans and Middle-East.

None of this being reported. Merkel and Cameron are totally silent,

6,000 to 10,000 at Calais about to storm "Chunnel"...

A kind of "Zombie" Mentality has settled upon our populations...

Recap figures 10 to 14 million entering EU right now.=nearly 1,000,000 Sept-October alone.

German Police and border guards cannot cope. Hungary and Greece unable to stop tide of migrants  in second and fourth "waves". Turkey blackmailing Merkel for rapid entry. 76,000,000 Turks given entry to EU without Visa as price for controlling immigration.

60,000,000  to 100,000,000 Moslems in EU already. Once Turkey gets visa free entry in New Year, that will double and even treble.....and we all know what that means.....sharia and the caliphate.

Our women should be very worried indeed as it will  be the end of their freedom.. German women are already covering themselves up and ordered to do so by their own local authorities. Conspiracy theory? No not at all. This is an Islamic takeover of Europe-long planned by the "elite".

They expect it will be themselves in charge of an imported new Moslem people of Europe-our replacements. Only we all know and they have started to realise they will not be in charge. Erdogan and the Saudi Arabians are in charge. Merkel was told by Erdogan "let us in or else"....

Merkel was a supplicant. Cameron is the very worst "PM" we have ever had. A traitor and conman of conmen. We warned long ago this was going to happen and were laughed at and called "racist".

Well having ignored us and demonised the messengers, then regrettably there is nothing more to say is there? We have lost.....

I have no words

sufficient to describe my emotions now....

In a few years, even months our continent and civilisation will be gone. No country can withstand an annual influx of 55,000,000 plus....

Julian Farmer
Comment left on Gates of Vienna by me




Julain Farmer • 11 minutes ago

Up 14,000 entering Germany by the day......
Not reported by BBC or any EU sponsored MSM. The cold weather may slow it but not much.
6,000 are planning to invade the Chunnel. That is reported- probably to get our minds off the growing chaos in Germany. 40,000 Pegida "Nazis" aged from 3 years to 80 have peacefully protested but "Antfas" attacked with bottles and bricks. Cameramen also attacked by Left.
Cameron and Merkel both silent. Cameron is the very worst "PM" we have ever had. A conman of conmen. He has no intention of holding a referendum.
Greece and Italy are bankrupt and we all know why- to facilitate this invasion, for that is what it is.
Guess how many 10,000 migrants is a day times 360?
Can't get your mind round the idea can you?
I predicted this ten years and more ago. I was called "mad" and all the rest- even "scary" and "dangerous"
Well its happened now and I can't be bothered anymore. Everybody is watching "Corrie" and "EastEnders". These types of coups and cultural collapses take place very quickly. By training I am a Classicist and archaeologist. I must be one of the few able to watch their own collapse over the coming weeks with a direct "Victim role" to play...I was privileged to be in the Institute as the great Bat Y'eor of "Eurabia" fame, UCL London Institute of Archaeology.She like me was mocked...They ain't laughing now though...

My words will not be sufficient to describe my anger at the betrayers.....
Hitler seems half decent in comparison. But he was a Socialist too....Nations were never the problem, Socialism was and always will be.

I am going to keep a log of our ongoing demise,
There is nothing more to write and EU borders will be open to 80,000,000 Turks in the New Year.
Well Class enjoy your assuaged borrowed guilt and please enjoy your suffering to purge your borrowed "guilt". Having lived in the "colonies" I do not see anything to assuage at all. Call me what you like "Liberals" but God- and He does exist will call you a lot worse as will your progeny.....Hell is a dark place on the "Otherside too".
I don't feel guilty over the success of European civilisation nor the British Imperium I was privileged to be born into. Most of my family were "Service"...

Julian Farmer

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