More than 80 bishops clamour for increased war.

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More than 80 bishops clamour for increased war.
« on: October 26, 2015, 10:36:46 PM »
More than 80 bishops clamour for increased war.
(Sorry, I omitted  the text of the Telegraph article. R)
See Telegraph article (text below my words) and many other media sources:

More than 80 bishops have petitioned David Cameron to step up the war against the people of Syria.

Having virtually canonised Tony Blair for his grand efforts in Serbia and Iraq, where millions of innocent men women and children were slaughtered, the 84 High Priests of Baal have written to David Cameron warning him that if he too expects to be rewarded with sainthood, the slaughter must be increased.

Having presided over only 182,599 child sacrifices (unnecessary abortions) here in the UK last year (98% of which were funded by you and I via the NHS), the High Priests of Baal are demanding yet more blood.

The 84 have written to David Cameron urging him and his cohort, Barack Obama, to increase the supply of vehicles, weapons, and ammunition to the terrorists in Syria, to replace those destroyed by the Syrian army and Russian air force in recent days, and to increase the bombing.

In Matthew’s Gospel, ch. 12, v. 30, Jesus is quoted as saying; “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad”. (KJV)

Clearly then, those that are called ‘bishops’ cannot be FOR Jesus, or they would be asking Cameron to END the support for the terrorists and to END the direct bombing of civilian targets in Syria and bring an END to the killings.

Scrutiny of the Telegraph article and of the many other articles in various media sources, proves that the ‘bishops’ are asking for more war, because the do NOT seek the return of the refugees to their homeland.  They are not simply against Jesus by quietly ignoring his teachings, they are actively working against the Messiah and everything He taught.

If the slaughter, along with the destruction of property and infrastructure were to be halted, then those that had escaped could return to their homes, but NO; the ‘bishops’ are asking for 50,000 of them to come to the UK (along with similar numbers going to other European countries), projected “over the next five years”.  Clearly; BECAUSE the ‘bishops’ see the need for refugees to come here on a continuing basis, then they are conspiring to ensure the Syrian people continue to be driven from their homes.

Again in Matthew’s Gospel, ch. 5, v. 9, Jesus is quoted as saying; “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”. (KJV)

By their own testimony the 84 ‘bishops’ show that peace is not what they desire, but human sacrifice.

Surely God will punish the wicked politicians, and the High Priests of Baal, and all those that follow them.

Please spread the word,

Home» News» Politics» David Cameron Bishops row with David Cameron over offer of help to refugees

More than 80 bishops write to David Cameron urging more help for refugees

By Nicola Harley
12:28AM BST 18 Oct 2015

More than 80 bishops have accused David Cameron of ignoring their offer of help to refugees in what they describe as a "moral crisis".

In a private letter 84 bishops wrote to Mr Cameron in September offering to provide housing and foster care to 50,000 refugees by rallying around congregations and using spare housing and rental properties.

“There is an urgent and compelling moral duty to act, which we as bishops are offering to facilitate alongside others from across civil society."
Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler

In the letter, published in the Observer, they asked him to raise the number of refugees the UK has offered to take from 20,000 to 50,000 over the next five years.

Paul Butler, the bishop of Durham, said the Government's response is "increasingly inadequate".

Mr Cameron pledged an end this ?inequality in marriage"  Photo: PA
In a statement he told the paper: “It is disheartening that we have not received any substantive reply despite an assurance from the prime minister that one would be received.

“There is an urgent and compelling moral duty to act, which we as bishops are offering to facilitate alongside others from across civil society."

He added: "As the fighting intensifies, as the sheer scale of human misery becomes greater, the government’s response seems increasingly inadequate to meet the scale and severity of the problem.”

The number of UK-bound migrants in Calais has reached unprecedented levels, with an estimated 6,000 living in squalid conditions in the French port and nearly two thousand more in rapidly expanding "jungles" in nearby towns.

Sixteen migrants have died since the summer in their bids to reach Britain. The latest death was on Thursday night, when a refugee was hit by a freight train near Calais.

It comes as Slovenia placed its army on alert on Saturday as hundreds of migrants reached its border, diverted overnight by the closure of Hungary's 220-mile border with Croatia.

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