A Nation and Culture….the destruction of European Culture

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A Nation and Culture….the destruction of European Culture
« on: October 27, 2015, 10:13:25 AM »

A Nation and Culture….
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27th October 2016

Only a completely amoral individual would fail to see that European civilisation is being destroyed. Furthermore the insipid even complete lack of response by our supposed “leaders”, means that they are either unable or unwilling to deal with the current mass Biblical migration to Europe, that is slowly but with increasing speed removing it from the planet. My own conclusions are that the “Effete” (aka The Elite) steeped as they are in Marxist-Leninist cant are indeed intentionally and wilfully allowing, even encouraging this destruction of the most advanced civilisation in our recorded history. Why for God’s sake why?


Germany has committed socio-cultural suicide over the last two months through Chancellor Merkel’s “invitation” to putative billions of “asylum seekers” while Sweden has abolished itself by statute and told its own population, members of a culture that stretches back to pre-historic times and is rather specialised in archaeological terms, in that it’s “Bronze Age” existed within a clearly defined Scandinavian context 500 years longer than the rest of Europe, well into the Iron Age.(Sorensen 1981).



Archaeologists do tend towards the “Left” but most of us knowing what we do are concerned to protect that past culture, than deny it ever existed as the Swedish political class have done as they murder their own nation. I am of a Leftwing persuasion but that does not mean I “blame western society” for the ills of the world or disgusting religious barbarisms that the stem from heinous activities of peoples and cultures in the Third World. Sweden has never ruled in Africa or the Middle East as far as I know, so why is its rather unpleasant and immature “effete” class doing its absolute to destroy it?


On my travels I spent time examining, studying and working in Northern Europe and was highly impressed, by the depth of history, character and uniqueness of all the Scandinavian countries and their 5,000 years of cultural evolution, now cruelly and spitefully threatened with extinction by people who seem not to care one iota for the sake of their own history and culture, yet compete with one another to outdo themselves in acts and behaviour that slowly but surely kills the native context. Even worse they have imported the very worst extreme religious imperialist ideology or ideologies to do so-Islam. Again I ask why? For God’s sake why?


These children of the Scandinavian Welfare state had the best of everything their parents and ancestors gave them, yet they sought to destroy it. Malmo, a favourite city of mine is now the first Moslem city in Sweden with predictable results. Killings, bombings, rapes, robbings are now commonplace; there for all to see but those that mention it, even in passing are utterly demonised by the authorities.




Germany is now following suit. In villages across Germany, many if not most numbering but 200 maximum in population, the authorities, local and national are dumping up to 1500 migrants at any one time upon them. If they complain, they risk home, job and most cruelly, children and prison. More than one mayor has said “If you don’t like it then leave!” These populations and villages have been their since the great Migrations of pre-history-3,000 years and possibly 50,000 years according to some archaeological forensic dating I have done allied with dendrochronology.


These cultures in habits, food, even DNA are specifically defined and local. In a survey in Britain carried out by experts some years ago, Britain too is a very localised specific culture in regards to racial-ethnic distribution with bone sampled DNA extractions sharing compatibility with descendents in this day…..


Britain is surprisingly homogeneous. Look at this from my Alma Mater University College London. (Hallenthal 2015 et al)


The majority of eastern, central and southern England is made up of a single, relatively homogeneous, genetic group with a significant DNA contribution from Anglo-Saxon migrations (10-40% of total ancestry). This settles a historical controversy in showing that the Anglo-Saxons intermarried with, rather than replaced, the existing populations. - See more at: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/news/news-articles/0315/180315-fine-scale-british-isle-genetic-map#sthash.tgogHTKs.dpuf





If one really want to fully comprehend the real tragedy and scale of cultural destruction and even genocide, then I recommend the tome  “Christ And The Taurobolium”- a superb analysis that shows the origins of our prehistory and pre-cultural antecedents, that show that far from earth’s climate changing and sea water rising, as the culturally Marxist-Trotskyist vandals claim, sea levels are dropping and were 40,000 years ago 300 feet and more lower than they are now, that forced whole peoples to migrate across the European Tundra to the Middle East and Iran, to escape the rising waters as the ice shelves contracted.


Christ and the Taurobolium - Lord Mithras in the genesis of ...


Christ and the Taurobolium - Lord Mithras in the genesis of Christianity : A 10000 year history of the deity Mithras, who is better known today as Christ. The work ..


I also recommend David Rohl’s books on the Biblical Lands and antediluvian writings and publications based upon his discoveries there. I have mentioned these in the past. He also dates events that make the Bible accounts very plausible indeed. Personally I follow his New Dating for Egypt and the Flood. Neither the above scholars are cranks, fantasists or into little green men by the way but proper scientific based empirical scholars.

Julian Farmer

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