Hate Crime-Letter to Cameron

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Hate Crime-Letter to Cameron
« on: October 30, 2015, 04:53:26 PM »
David Cameron                                                                                 Albert Burgess

10 Downing Street                                                                           


SW1A 2AA                                                                                     


Ref hate crime

David I understand you are bringing in a special law to deter hate crimes directed at Muslims. This is of course very laudable. But hate crimes as you call them are not common to the English, generally speaking we do not do hate. You with your Scots/Ashkenazi back ground is some thing you would not understand. But I will state it again we the English do not do hate.


We do however reserve the right in law to defend our own people and the country of our birth. Not only do we reserve this right we reserve the right to decide the amount of force necessary to defend this Kingdom and its people. This right to kill if necessary includes the right to kill those quislings in authority who are failing to protect our people and Her Majesty's Kingdom. YES David it is Her Majesty's Kingdom not yours.


The buck stops with the Queen however we love our Queen you are not only not loved you are thought of with contempt by every one I have met so we will take the age old established route of not Hanging the Queen but her wicked and Evil advisors, and you are her principle advisor.

Now your failings

(1) You have presided over a police service which has not only failed to prosecute groups of Muslims parading through London making threats to Kill and inciting murder.

(2) You have presided over a police service which has not only failed to deal with the sexual abuse of our children by the Seville's of this world but knowing of the abuse covered it up.

(3) You have presided over a police service which has not only failed to deal with Muslim grooming gangs from one end of this Kingdom to the other, not only have they failed to deal with it they have threatened parents with arrest if they persisted with their allegation, they have actively covered up the grooming rape and prostituting of girls as young as 11. The reason because they did not want to be accused of racism.

(4)You have effectively destroyed our armed forces and seem intent on starting a war with Russia a major nuclear power backed by China a major nuclear power, and why so you can remove the only moderate leader in the middle east.

(5) The actions of your government in allowing into this Kingdom a religion based on hate which is diametrically opposed to our Christian way of life and in allowing them the freedom to rape and murder our people makes you entirely responsible for the blood bath we will see on our streets before too long and the bulk of that blood will not be English. I fully expect our police and armed forces to side with the loyal subjects of Queen Elizabeth.



Albert Burgess

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