Most important 400 words to comprehend the way Government has operated

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The 400-words that could change the World's comprehension of how Governments truly operate.

The Government and councils present one set of figures to the public, proving their lack of money...hence cutbacks to the public... then hide their real massive wealth from public view. Listen to this interview from Walter Burien and be amazed. Then get angry.


Here is a link to the most important 400 words to comprehend the way Government has operated over the last 30-years:

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Here is a radio show I was the guest on in Tennessee last week. It was just put up on YouTube today.
Hot News Talk Radio 1240 AM is the Chattanooga, Tennessee hottest talk station covering all the news and hot topics of the day.
 I was fighting off a throat and lung infection so I am coughing especially in the first 1/2 hour. I'm sure many listeners were wondering if I was on my last leg. But, I did cover a pretty good disclosure and covered a lot of important detail. A good detailed listen to the end of the show.

 Please share with those that need an education on the big picture CAFR topic.
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 Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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