Abuse of Power-Letter to Bernard Hogan Howe

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Abuse of Power-Letter to Bernard Hogan Howe
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:14:08 PM »
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe                                                                 Albert Burgess

New Scotland Yard                                                                           15 Parliament Road

10 Broadway                                                                                     Thame

London                                                                                              South Oxfordshire

SW1H 0BG                                                                                       OX9 3TE



Ref Abuse of power



I heard today that Scotland yard has apologised to the seven women undercover officers had slept with, because the officers had abused their police powers.


Police have an authority under the law to do a lot of things. But they have no POWER. However I wonder if anyone can explain to me the authority given to officers to have sexual relations with any one whilst on duty. I have to admit I missed that in my tall hat days. After all to use your word you must have a power before you can abuse it.


I said in my last letter to the you I have no idea where you learnt your job. I think I can now answer that, the Keystone Cops School of policing.


These officers had sexual relations with women they were trying to obtain evidence against, this is not only unethical it is likely to blow any case the police could make clear out of court.


Had these women known these men were police officers working undercover or wearing a tall hat it is highly unlikely they would have agreed to any sexual activity? They did not know so were unable to give reasoned consent to the sexual intercourse which occurred.


Because they were unable to give reasoned consent the actions of these officers in taking advantage of these women constitutes the offence of statutory rape. Contrary to sec 3 of the Sexual Offences Amendment Act 1976. Sec 3 by false pretences or false representations.


These officers falsely represented themselves to these women. I trust in line with your oath of attestation you will interview each of these women to obtain evidence. And all the officers involved under caution with a view to charging the officers with rape. You have clearly failed in your duty to properly supervise the officers under your command or these things would not occur.

Respectfully submitted.





Albert Burgess

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