futureagenda from the corporate horse's mouth.

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futureagenda from the corporate horse's mouth.
« on: November 23, 2015, 11:00:05 AM »
futureagenda from the corporate horse's mouth.

While many people naturally feel protective towards the plight of genuine refugees, this is not about them, but it is a cleverly orchestrated plan to completely change the cultural and social climate of Western Nations, by the powerful Western and Eastern leaders and corporate change-agents together, where even heritage belongs to UNESCO as lucrative tourism, not to indigenous populations..

On the economic side, Islamic banking and multiple taxation. On the 'food poverty' consumer side Halal certification and GM modification, moral obligation is nil with state controlled ideology and marketing of children.

Just follow the money, all peoples are commodities..

Vodaphone needs customers too:

UN figures predict a 6% decline by 2050 but also that, having peaked in 2015,by 2020, the total number of Europeans will be around 730 million, which is largely the same as today. In several projections, bearing in mind the impact Germany’s low birth rate, some analysts expect that the UK will be Europe’s most populous country by 2060, with nearly 80 million inhabitants. While fertility rates and life expectancy in different countries can be used for base-case models, a big uncertainty is the impact of migration within and immigration into Europe.

Migration – this will largely come from North Africa and the Near East. Although raw data is highly sensitive and hard to come by, leading commentators see that, by 2020, economic migration will have started to change the multicultural balance in a new direction. Europe will become increasingly Muslim and, if current trends continue, over 10% of European nationals will be Muslim by the end of the decade.

‘The economic case for migration has always been strong. Migrant labour is often cheaper, more reliable and (in certain cases) flexible.’

Over the next decade, there will be continued change in the European populace, with the largest shift coming from the possible entry of Turkey into the EU. This alone would increase the Muslim population by around 70 million.


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