More police state then

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More police state then
« on: November 24, 2015, 09:32:50 PM »
Thanks Mike; spot on again.
It’s taken me a while to forward this one, due to volume of emails and many other tasks.

> Subject: More police state then!
> From:
> Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 14:21:50 +0000
> Whether the latest 'event' in Paris was a false flag by intelligence agencies or the consequences of mass immigration and western middle east policy one thing is certain we are going to get more police state both here and abroad.
 The gullible public who get their 'news' from the British brainwashing corporation and others don't realise they are being played for fools. This is what N.w.o. operatives do, they get the public to ask for more protection from terrorists. In reality the N.W.o operatives must be smiling at the thought of being able to increase surveillance, set up new agencies and clamp down on travel in and out of this island without a major public backlash. It will get worse.
 The French got what they voted for. Its the same here, except we are arguably more stupid.
 Its not necessarily the Muslims but the enemy in the councils, police, fire brigade, community leaders, military, church of England and of course treacherous politicians who are to blame. Don't ask the above for more police powers! They will use them against you and your family. Look at all the armed 'police,' razor wire and barriers now going up around Europe. Enjoy your foreign trips whilst you can!
 The mass immigration and terrorist threat will also give the above authorities an excuse to dna/biometric print everyone (like they've been doing with schoolchildren for over 5yrs now).
 As an aside but relevant I've been re-watching my dvd on the 1917 Russian revolution and how once the Bolsheviks (communists) hijacked the revolution with Lenin and Trotsky they built their police state. The secret police (cheka) were in every village spying on the people. Once the patriotic Kronstadt  sailors who originally helped the uprising (and just wanted freedom) realised nothing had changed except for the worse they rose up against the state.
 The only problem was by then the communist red army had grown too strong and powerful and was able to deal with them. The Russian purges and the rest that followed is history - which we are repeating once again.

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