A letter from Albert Burgess to Bernard Hogan Howe

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A letter from Albert Burgess to Bernard Hogan Howe
« on: December 16, 2015, 10:48:30 AM »
 I would like every one to print this and send it to him with a covering letter saying you agree and want Cameron investigated

Bernard Hogan-Howe                                                                      Albert Burgess

New Scotland Yard                                                                         15 Parliament Road

10 Broadway                                                                                   Thame

London                                                                                            South Oxfordshire

SW1H 0BG                                                                                     OX9 3TE



Ref Parliament



I am fully aware that your Knowledge of the constitution and treason is somewhat limited. Mine however is extensive, I am enclosing a three page child’s guide which I would like you to read.


Parliament and how it functions is governed by the common law. Each House has a common law cognisance to conduct its own business its own way and that includes who sits in the house. You will remember Jerry Adams was returned as a Northern Ireland MP, you will also remember he was not permitted by the House of Commons who exercised their cognisance as to who is allowed to sit in the Commons by refusing him entry to the Commons to take his seat. This cognisance is as old as Parliament and dates from 1297. A 719 year old law used just a few years ago to great effect.


David Cameron now intends to prevent the House of Lords from rejecting a bill. This is driving a horse and cart through the Common Law Cognisance of the House of Lords to conduct its own business in its own way.


This constitutes treason against the constitutional arrangements of Parliament and by removing a protection from Her Majesty’s subject’s treason against the people of England.


This is a treason you have to deal with; I would remind you the Common Law covers a great deal more than Breach of the Queens peace. And you are required to uphold the Common Law in its entirety not just the bits you like.


I request and require you to investigate David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain for treason against the Constitutional Arrangements of Parliament at Common Law, and treason against Her Majesty’s subjects at Common Law by removing the common law protections that surround them.


You might consider approaching Her Majesty with a view to her using her authority granted to her by the Common Law of Kingship to use her authority in times of emergency to assume direct control of the Kingdom to allow you to carry out your enquiry into the highest levels of government where you answer directly to her and not the Home Office or DPP.

Respectfully submitted



Albert Burgess

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