Enemies within,changing the state of the nation

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Enemies within,changing the state of the nation
« on: December 18, 2015, 03:44:32 PM »

Sent to me by one of the wonderful 'Oathkeepers' in the US.

For UK friends - Bill Still in the video is very reliable and his research is thorough.
 German corporate, UPS, bringing in migrants wholesale for last 6 years.  (Been hearing about this on RBC radio network as pilots of jumbo jets were interviewed)  600,000 of them during that time and the numbers are accelerating.  Political parties are complicit in this and so is the media.  No reporting whatsoever. The Syrian refugees are only the tip of this iceberg.  Most of these are being bussed to 'red states' as reported by Texe Marrs on Republic Radio Network.

 A volatile 5th column silently and secretly being built.  While we debate about 10,000 (already here in N. Orleans 3 weeks ago) 600,000 have already been settled with green cards over the past 6 yrs.  There is already a welcome center for them on Middlebrook Pk in W. Knoxville.  Built on the Q T with federal funds.  Texe Marrs says that the U S State dept sets up tables in African towns and recruits muslims who want to immigrate to the USA.  Is this not a part of the next election strategy?  Seems so to me.  It is accelerating

 They will vote and you know who they will vote for.  And all of us know how they will behave because we have already seen that.  Sweden's rape rate has increased 20-fold since they opened their borders to muslims there.  Ditto for Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, England, etc.

 San Bernardino was only a warm-up act.  The main show is still to come.  Not 'if' but 'when'.  This is what was meant by the campaign slogan "Change you can believe in."

 Will we even know this country inside of 10 - 20 years?


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