Spy - Barbie Doll ???????????????????

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Spy - Barbie Doll ???????????????????
« on: December 19, 2015, 09:44:49 PM »

in case you are not yet aware of this, please share this far and wide.

Mattel have created a Barbie doll with an integrated Wifi system that can allow the company to spy on our children. What bstdrds!!! I don't know one girl for who Barbie is not the best friend you tell all your stories to, at some point. From what researched, the doll is to get launched on the market in spring next year. There is a movement "Campaign for a commercial free childhood" asking for the doll to be scrapped. The link to this is in the newspaper article.


Furthermore, Google have bought a company that makes smoke alarms. These already seem to be on the market. The device doesn't only work as a smoke detector, but also as a surveillance camera possibly with sound-recording. The article below explains the "smoke alarm" in more detail.


I'm so impressed how concerned corporations are about our safety (not) :-)

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