This Is What The "Invasion Of Europe" Looks Like

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This Is What The "Invasion Of Europe" Looks Like
« on: December 25, 2015, 04:41:48 PM »
Our thanks to Jim Shea for this report of the drama unfolding in Europe (see below, esp the video).

We get Deutsche Welle on cable and I watch the talk shows that focus on the immigration crisis. A few weeks ago, the participants, mostly journalists and politicians, including Justizminister Maas, a frightened little man who wants to be boss and who is a frequent guest, were all backing Merkel's invitation to one and all to come to Germany as quickly as possible and settle there in this Shangrila where jobs are plentiful and the people are warm and welcoming. No Nazis here! Anyone suggesting that immigration should be limited was shouted down by the other guests, all eager to show that Germans are no longer Nazis. What's that old Shakespeare line... methinks he doth protest too much?

Guests argued that even economic immigrants not fleeing wars should be welcome--because there must be no discrimination. The audiences applauded, eager to not be Nazis.

But as time wore on, guests who were critical of unlimited immigration were heard with more respect and their ideas seriously entertained. Germany was talking about closing its border, something that had been anathema just a few days earlier. Mayors from towns with overcrowded refugee shelters were invited guests and the situations they described were dire. Some towns had more refugees than people.

Now you may have heard that Afghans will be sent back because they are deemed to be economic refugees, even though the Taliban still controls enough of Afghanistan to merit German, US and other troops to keep order. It is an excuse to exclude at least some.

I think the main reason Syrian refugees get top priority is that the entire Western world is locked into the absurd narrative that Assad is the main reason people are fleeing. That's a tough narrative to sell because in the last poll, Assad had 55% approval and he is universally accepted among Christians, who have always known that without Assad, they were doomed. Most American Christians tried not to know that, or they said Christians are "supposed to be persecuted" (as long as they live far from our blessed land).

But the politicians said it, das Volk believes it and that settles it.

So that is the narrative, and as long as Syrians flow into Germany, the liars can keep saying these well dressed oddly non-emaciated healthy young men are fleeing Assad.

Merkel and her fellow henchmen in Europe have put the noose around their own necks. They have always been keen on eliminating Christian culture, and mass immigration from Muslim countries is a dandy way to accomplish this.

But the assumption was that the immigration could be controlled.

The last talk show I watched, last night, indicates that Germans of all social strata are now fully aware of the genie they have let out of the bottle. Panic best describes their mood. It is amazing how quickly people become thoughtful once it is too late to avert the disaster born of their thoughtlessness.

Don Hank


This Is What The "Invasion Of Europe" Looks Like

Tyler Durden's picture

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/29/2015 21:20 -0400

On Monday, we brought you a series of still shots along with a video which depicted the scope of Europe’s migrant crisis via drone footage.

The point in highlighting the imagery was to demonstrate just how futile the EU’s effort to establish a series of refugee “holding camps” along the Balkan route to Germany is likely to be.

As a reminder, Jean-Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel are attempting to convince recalcitrant states to support efforts to place hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, but a mandatory quota system only served to enrage the likes of Hungary which quickly moved to close off its borders with Serbia and Croatia and that, in turn, set off a Balkan border battle.

Now, Brussels is looking to provide shelter for the migrants as they make their way to Germany but as we noted earlier this week, these way stations will swiftly become overcrowded, unsafe refugee internment camps and they’ll likely be easy targets for vociferous anti-migrant protests or worse.

If you needed further evidence of the extent to which any attempt to shelter the flood of asylum seekers with makeshift camps is likely to prove not only futile, but dangerous, consider the following video which vividly demonstrates just how acute the crisis has become:


As you can see, the situation is quickly spiraling out of control and it isn't at all clear that Europe can cope with the people flows even if it wanted to. This is nothing short of an epochal demographic shift and as we've documented on a number of occasions (see here and here for instance), it's not at all clear that Europeans are prepared for it.

Caution: xenophobia ahead.


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