Blowing up pumping stations 2014 floods

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Blowing up pumping stations 2014 floods
« on: December 31, 2015, 08:51:24 PM »
Blowing up pumping stations 2014 floods

Blowing up pumping stations took preference over saving ... › Comment › Letters
8 Feb 2014 - ... December 1999, and John Prescott appointed Barbara Young from ... However, the long-term blame lies not with Lady Young but with 30 ... Huntingdon ... Somerset to prevent Lord Smith from being lynched by the residents ..

Some interesting comments from 2014

" except for the bit that protected a Wedgwood Benn property."

Indeed. The then Secretary of State for Environment, Hilary Benn, approved millions of pounds worth of sea defence work in front of the ancestral estate of his father, Labour politician Tony Benn, in the public interest. As the public is forbidden to use the foreshore in front of the Benn estate I can only suppose that the public interest was that paid on the government grants and loans that were used in funding this filial nepotism.

Porcine politicians - both of them.


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