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« on: January 05, 2016, 08:50:06 PM »

Les terroristes sont mieux traités que ceux qui les combattent !

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Tommy Robinson, ex-dirigeant de l'English Defence League, décrit les persécutions policières dont les opposants à l'islamisation sont victimes au Royaume-Uni, alors que cette même police fait preuve…


Added on 02/12/2015




Launch of European events

Good evening, Dresden. Good evening, pegida. We find ourselves !

It's good to be back in this beautiful city, so full of promise for the future of Europe. Your weekly gatherings are an inspiration and encouragement to the brave hearts across Europe. When young people look around and wonder what can be done, and they see pegida your weekly gatherings, and say, I can do that, too.


Since my last visit [mid-October], I discussed with other groups and pegida patriots throughout Europe. We agreed, and I was allowed to make a major announcement today. We call the first of a series of events for Saturday, February 6, 2016.

Dresden and Germany have been and still are an inspiration for this movement. It is therefore appropriate that it be announced here that this new unit aimed to save Europe.


Pegida and other solidarity groups patriots pegida we agreed to express with one voice on February 6. The countries involved so far are Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.


We will unite for a common cause and under a banner:

Save our culture, save our country, save our future. United to build a better future for our children.


People throughout Europe and the world are inspired by you, the people of Dresden. I have no hesitation to say that I too am inspired by you. You have rekindled the fire in my belly, and have encouraged me to return to this fight.


With the resources we have, we call to achieve EU as "we the peoples". We do not rely on politicians and bureaucrats who are those who have brought us to this impasse. They brought Europe to the brink of destruction.They are responsible, and many of them continue to bring us even closer to the abyss.


The carnage we saw in Paris on November 13 is only an extreme result of this transformation led politically. And who doubts that there will be more bloodshed? As sure as I'm standing here who doubt there are thousands of jihadists in Europe at this very moment, who are sharpening metaphorical swords, preparing their bombs and their real weapons, prepare the next attack? Islam never sleeps in terms of terror possibilities.


We unite to oppose proponents of Sharia, the jihadist assassins, and islamification of our countries. We want a Europe where fear no longer exists. We want a Europe:

·    Without terrorist shouting Allah Akbar

·    Without groups lurking to rape our daughters

·    Without dark shadows and scars for the view that minarets are

·    Without the sound of the call to prayer in our towns and cities

·    Without excision

·    Without Koranic sanction is to beat his wife

·    Without halal food that we often place without informing us

·    Without people who cover their faces to roam our streets and refuse to integrate

·    Without the constant demands special privileges in our communities

·    Without death threats if we dare criticize ideas based on the Koran and Islam.


And I ask a simple question: Why do we invite our borders in the seeds of our own destruction in the form of millions of Muslims?

And I want to be clear with you, and well highlight some basic principles. As long as I am involved in this fight, we will always be a movement  resolutely  not anti-Semitic and not racist. As for the accusation of racism, I ask: what race is Islam?


We are also a non-violent movement. And we will use all legal means to demand, loudly, passionately, that the state authorities respond to the problems we highlight and solve.

The last time I was here, I said: "Each country has the right to defend itself." And of course it is the same on every continent. The whole world envies the European heritage. It is too valuable to be seen to be destroyed before our eyes, in our lifetime.


But only one country in Europe can not stand up and defeat all by himself.

The opportunity and our ties of geography, history and culture, we needed to work together to face this crisis.


Proponents of sharia and jihad around us are trying to grow in number and gain confidence. They can, and should, be faced with a much larger number of people are awakening to the dangers of Islam and committed to the defense of traditional European values.

Wherever you read or hear this message, in some countries you are, I speak to you and urge you to join your national group and keeping you with us.

My friends, the time is short, but I think we still have a chance. Let's make 2016 the year that has marked a turning point in history, that of the powerful wave against an ideology and people who want our destruction and our total slavery.

Make known the slogan, stay sound, be strong, and get ready for February 6!

Tommy Robinson.


Posted by: James Sanchez <[email protected]>

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