Hassan al Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood

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Hassan al Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood
« on: January 05, 2016, 09:29:17 PM »
GLT "Julian Farmer" • 2 minutes ago

US Government is thoroughly infiltrated by Moslem Brotherhood. A"revert" runs the CIA so what do you expect? In the UK the situation is the same. I know it will horrify you but the US and UK Governments have been taken over, This is fact. They are preparing their stupid populations to change religions. People still ignore the obvious. Look at the treatment of Tommy Robinson? Appalling!

People still don't "get it". Europe and America are in the hands of Islam. This is all to do with a plan by Hassan al Banna who founded the MB in 1928 with British money and infiltrated the Foreign Office-jokingly called the "Camel Corps" for this very reason-notorious for its anti Semitism (Isreal) and pro Arab basis...

The EU Project itself was also the same plan to bring Islam to Europe and the West. In other words "The Project" adopted and adapted and imported into Europe via the "Coal and Steel Pact" by Moslem convert former Nazis, that escaped the Allies after WW2. They simply adopted Islam and took over Hassan al Banna's Plan from 1928. They are one in the same. Yes I know you will all mock and laugh but please look around you.....

If you cannot see the obvious, then I pity you.

This slow infiltration has taken 80 years but has now produced results, that you all now observe around you. We have two main foes though- Allah and Marx both working together to destroy from within by the "Long March Through The Institutions"; one aiding the other. Ever heard of supposed "Lancaster Plan"- a plan to transition UK into an Islamic state and Saudi satellite? An apparent spoof was written in the New English Review that claims "tongue in cheek" that this .'plan' was evolved through Blair after 2005 Tube bombings.

I heard about it as early as October 1997 in UCL London, Institute of Archaeology from my former tutor, now retired. Yes the Plan is real and no written minutes or hard copies exist- Chatham House Rules. So we had our own UK "Wansee Conference" in London by hidden people and groups plotting our submission to Islam. People thought me mad and still do but that is their problem. I no longer give a damn. Mind over matter. I don't care anymore and they don't matter.

All of this could have been stopped but I think this country will now rapidly go Islamic with final control-obvious control by 2025 to 2030 at latest and that includes the USA and EU. To say I don't "give a damn" is probably not true, because in truth I do but the prospect is so awful I still find it hard to believe that our population is so supine and even abusive towards us the modern Cassandras, despite the obvious. So forgive my bitterness.

Chums of mine and myself have lost work, family friends in our efforts to warn and frankly I have little if any sympathy for the "Johnny cum Latelies" who are now in fear of Islamic takeover, as I was 20 years ago.

Moslems I know say they were even informed they would control Britain and Europe by 2025-30 too. Recent events and deliberate attempts by the State to stifle protest and invitation to the Moslem world to keep coming would seem to confirm my words above.

Bat Y'eor author of "Eurabia" was also like me, a Postgrad of the Institute of Archaeology too. UCL already had massive problems with Islamic infiltration and intimidation 20 years ago,

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