Migrants taunt police telling them to be 'nice'

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Migrants taunt police telling them to be 'nice'
« on: January 08, 2016, 09:40:45 PM »

Migrants taunt police telling them to be 'nice' - because they’d been invited by Angela Merkel

07/01/2016 22:31

Our thanks to Vivienne for this tip.

By now you will have noticed there is a pandemic political ideology that has all the earmarks of a disease syndrome, which combines a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms of what might be called pathological self-immolating political correctness.

Some of the symptoms are

1-- the now-familiar Neoconservative Russophobia (Neocons are now found throughout the Western world, incl in Europe. The virus has migrated from the US)

2--An irrational exaggerated xenophilia, or love of foreigners, at the expense of one's own national interests and security.

Also present in the syndrome is an unnatural love of supranationalism, ie, indifference toward the interests of one's nation of birth in favor of a Superstate that embraces numerous nations sort of haphazardly thrown together but with no cultural identity to speak of, just a leftist ideology that blinds the victim to national interests, even makes him hate his own nation.

The Germans suffer from this syndrome in spades.

The article linked below illustrates how the German government is feverishly promoting the second of these symptoms, while a report I just received shows that the same German government is clamoring just as feverishly for nuclear arms to fight the Russians.

This insanity is eerily reminiscent of the Nazi fervor that swept Germany in the 1930s.

History is indeed repeating itself.


> http:​//www.​dailymail.​co.​uk/news/article-3388490/Angela​-Merkel-invited-baying-asylum-​seeker-sex-mob-taunted-Cologne​-police-robbing-raping-women.html​
 > http:​//www.​dailymail.​co.​uk/news/article-3386673/Women-​Cologne-lockdown-council-admit​s-no-longer-safe-wake-African-​Arab-mob-s-rapes-declares-upco​ming-carnival-no-area-females.​html​

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