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« on: January 12, 2016, 10:21:55 PM »

1. Every year we spend £2.86 BILLION importing our own fish. This fish is caught from our own British waters by other countries. We then have to buy it back from them.

2. Our rivers used to be dredged annually. The silt was simply put on to the banks which was quick, efficient and good for the environment. Because the silt is poisonous in Germany, the EU brought out a regulation stating that silt had to be transported to a site elsewhere. This is done by lorry and is very costly. This is why dredging has been halted, because of the expense. The silt in the UK is NOT poisonous and is actually good for the earth. This is proof that 'one size DOES NOT fit all'.

3. Britain has contributed nearly £500 billion to the EU since joining in 1973. We will have to pay a further £96 billion over the next 5 years. (Source: VOTE LEAVE.)

4. In 2014 Britain's contribution to the EU was £19.1 billion (Source: Office of National Statistics) What we hand over each week would buy a new hospital.

5. Apart from USA, we contribute the most in foreign aid. £12 billion each year. Some of this money goes to countries with their own space programmes and larger armies than the UK.

6. Over 630,000 migrants came to the UK in 2014. 250,000 EXTRA places were needed at primary schools. One school in London has 1,000 in its Reception class which has had to be split into four classrooms.

7. 1 in 12 school places is now taken by a Muslim. Muslims are trying to change the dates of school examinations to fit in with Ramaden.

8. More than 50% of babies now born in London are born to a foreign mother. We are the most overcrowded country in the EU.

9. EU citizens (from 27 countries) who are working here can send child benefit home to their children. These families are sometimes very large.

10. Most, if not all, illegal citizens arriving in Britain, whether by lorry, walking through the Channel Tunnel, are allowed to stay and are given accommodation, benefits etc. There are approximately 10,000 immigrants at Calais hoping to get to Britain. £1.5 million is now being spent on facilities for these immigrants.

11. Refugees are supposed to stop in the first safe country they arrive at, and not continue travelling to their favourite destination.

12. Sweden is now the 'rape country' of the EU. Muslims are 2% of the population but commit 77% of rapes. Once registered, these people can travel to any country in the EU, including Britain.

13. Germany has taken in over 1 million migrants/refugees. Once registered, these people can travel to any country in the EU, including Britain. Over 3,000 are still arriving daily.

14. Anybody wanting to sell plants/vegetables from seed, has to first register each and every vegetable and/or plant with the EU at a cost of £3,000 per seed. Imagine wanting to start up your own nursery!

15. The transport of live animals. This will never stop whilst we are in the EU as the EU call animals 'cargo'.

16. The EU has its own army and police force. If we stay in the EU, we will have a EU army and EU police force in the UK. There is already a EU national anthem and flag. Imagine not having our Union Jack flag any more, or being able to sing God Save the Queen.


17. Tens of thousands of Eurocrats are set to receive inflation-busting pay rises and bonuses worth a staggering €100 million – that’s £74 million to you and me! They have awarded themselves a pay rise of 2.4% costing us €13 million, further pay increases of €49.6 million in 2016, plus lots of extravagant allowances and bonuses. So much for David Cameron’s claims he secured a pay freeze for the Eurocrats! Included in the growing wage bill is an expatriation allowance, paid to more than 80% of EU officials, which is worth an additional 16% of their basic salary if they were recruited from outside Brussels.  This perk costs more than £221 million a year!

On top of this, they will be moving into a new £280 million Europa building next year. No humble manger for these public servants!




18. Over £650,000 is being paid, from our taxes, for legal aid for asylum seekers every week.

19. £30 million is being paid, annually/weekly to lawyers to help failed asylum seekers stay in the UK.


My goal is to scare people with facts.  If you can think of any more facts which will frighten and educate people, please let me know.

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