A WORLD COUP D'ÉTAT IS PLANNED ...Publicity will defeat it

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A WORLD COUP D'ÉTAT IS PLANNED ...Publicity will defeat it
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:08:38 AM »
By Dr Kitty Little

First Edition Summer 1984
 published by Inter-City Research Centre, London

A World Dictatorship – RACIAL REQUIREMENTS
A World Dictatorship – Financial Requirements
A World Dictatorship – THE MILITARY BASE
Development of Communist Plans
The United Nations Organization
The destabilization of the British political system
The European Community
The European Assembly and the Treaty Establishing European Union

 ... Publicity will defeat it

 The Treaty establishing European Union may be likened to one piece that certain people plan to have fitted into a jigsaw puzzle. To understand its significance it is necessary to have some idea of the pattern of the completed puzzle.
 In the European Assembly on 24th May 1984 President Mitterand referred to "the birth of Europe when, in May 1948, the European idea took shape at the Hague Conference". The idea was present long before that. I myself first heard of it in 1940, but for the origins we need to go back to the account given in the New Testament.

 The concept of a One World State was put forward by Satan as one of the temptations of Christ in the wilderness, and was firmly rejected by Christ. An obvious cause for rejection was that Christianity involves personal freedom, and free will, which would not be possible if diverse peoples were forced into a One World State and system. But the argument put forward by Satan was “I will give you all of these if you will fall down and worship me”, and the rejection by Christ was "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and serve none but Him". This temptation has been put to men throughout the ages, and if is hardly surprising that so many of the most enthusiastic advocates of world government have been Satanists (eg Marx, Bakunin, Moses Hess, Stalin). But Christ foretold that Satan would always be unsuccessful; "upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
 The outlines of the conflict that has carried on through the centuries were also laid down in the Gospel. God is the God of Truth, with the Holy Spirit of Truth, while Satan is "the father of lies; there is no truth in him". And at another level "You must serve God or money; you cannot serve both".
 The present attempt to set up a World State (that was intended to be, and can increasingly be seen to be, not an atheist state but an anti-God state) began to gain impetus during the 19th Century, with the advent of socialist and Marxist theories, alongside the growth of international banking,

 Among the most important requirements outlined in the Communist Manifesto (written by Karl Marx)1 for the establishment of a One World State were:
 - the abolition of private property;
 - the abolition of the family;
 - the abolition of countries and nationalities;
- the abolition of “religious liberty and freedom of conscience”, together with "all religion, all morality".
 "In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things".
 In this context the word “Communist” does not only signify a member of the Communist Party, but anyone who aspires to setting up the One World State, whether the label they go under is Communist, Marxist, Bolshevik, Zionist, Soviet, socialist, United Nations Association, Parliamentary Group for World Government, Trilateral Commission, or even World Council of Churches.
 Marx formed the First International with Mikhail Bakunin, who wrote: “In this revolution we will have to awaken the devil in people, to stir up the basest passions.”2 This is an attitude we are now seeing among football hooligans, vandals, flying pickets; the race relations industry; the anti-social pressure groups, Socialist Workers Party, Anti-Nazi League, Anti-Cruise campaign, and the various “Peace” groups. When Satanists are initiated for their seventh degree they swear that their principle will be "Nothing is true and everything is permitted." This fits the attitudes of the leaders of the present permissive society,
 Marx, Engels and Bakunin were given their socialist ideas by Moses Hess, the founder of the German SOCIAL DEMOCRAT PARTY,3 who taught that the world revolution should use class and race hatred as means to attain their ends. “Race struggle is primary, class struggle is secondary.”
Following on this idea the Eurofanatic Edward Heath sought in 19714 to complete the destruction of the British Commonwealth by replacing the concept of mutual co-operation (as exemplified by Rhodesia and South Africa in World War II) by the concept of race hatred (as exemplified by the hatred shown towards white Rhodesians by successive British Governments and by the anti-apartheid campaign).
 Few of Hess and Marx's followers would have agreed to help take the steps needed for their diabolical Utopia if these had been expressed clearly, but in “On Hegel” Marx wrote:
 "Words I teach ail mixed up into a devilish muddle. Thus anyone may think just what he chooses to think".
And that is why so many people have gone along the road to the dictatorial One World State that these followers of Satan advocated. They have not thought out the full implications of their actions and enthusiasms, what it means to lose one's freedom and national identity, or indeed the inevitability of 80 million murders in the USSR and 60 million in China.

A World Dictatorship – RACIAL REQUIREMENTS
 For the establishment of the World Dictatorship there were three requirements. The Communist and revolutionary teaching of Marx and his associates; the destabilising of nations not only morally, but also financially, with the draining away of money and assets into a sink outside the control of any nation; and the provision of a "master'" race to provide the dictators and rulers.
 Moses Hess took an active part in providing for this third requirement. Within Judaism there is a pressure group of Zionists, and these Hess encouraged:
 "Whoever denies Jewish nationalism is not only an apostate, a renegade in the religious sense, but a traitor to his people and to his family. Should it prove true that the emancipation of the Jews is incompatible with Jewish nationalism, then the Jew must sacrifice emancipation".5
This was written not so very long after a meeting of the Sanhedrin in 1807, that had decided that henceforth Judaism was to be counted as a religion, and not as a form of nationalist aspiration, and that Jews were genuinely to take on the nationality of the countries where they were living. And it was written by a man who was advocating internationalism for everyone else, and the abolition of countries and nationalities.
 The reason was spelt out by Bertrand Russell in 1954: “Gradually by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will continue until they become separate species. A revolt of the plebs against the masters would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton”.
By 1963 the United Nations Convention on Racial Discrimination had provided for the massive movements of population that would in turn provide for the interbreeding of genetically incompatible races, and for positive discrimination against the white races who were considered to be the greatest obstacles to those plans. A parallel UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education had provided the impetus for race, sex, parentage, local and national loyalties, and all forms of religion, as well as ability, to be regarded as forms of discrimination to be abolished, while children were deemed to have a “Human Right” to be protected from religious indoctrination. All this, in addition to the encouragement of oral contraceptives (that lead to physical, mental and moral degeneration), vasectomy, drug abuse, and the current fashion for genetic engineering with artificial insemination and test-tube babies, was designed for the debasing of the majority of the human race.
 To provide the master race Hess founded a sub-group of Zionism, that had as its intermediate objectives the destabilization of nations and the spread of terrorism. This is no more typical of ordinary members of the Jewish race than are Scargill's thugs of the people of British ancestry. Neither is this repugnant group typical of the majority of Zionists, any more than the Tory Reform Group can be considered as typical of the Tory Party, or the Militant Tendency as representative of Labour. The divergence of attitude of these Zionists from that of genuine Jews was well illustrated at the 1983 annual conference of the Federation of Zionist Youth. To achieve their ends they were told to “fight dirty with parents” who don't go along with their views.6 This is in direct opposition to the Mosaic Law “Honour thy father and thy mother”.

 2 Quoted in “DZERJINSKII” by R.GUL Published by MOST, New York.
 3 M. HESS: “ROME AND JERUSALEM”. Philosophical Library, New York.
 4 At the Commonwealth Conference, January 1971.
 5 M. HESS: “POLITICAL CATECHISMS”. Edited by K. M. Michel. Published INSEL, Germany 1966.

 The remaining requirement was to take financial control out of the hands of national governments, as a preliminary to operating a system of credit whereby only those in good standing with the World Government would receive the means of subsistence. Hence the fact that the European Community has concentrated on undermining our industry and getting control of our food supplies, and by their farming and fishing policies, ensuring that we remain dependent upon others for essentials. It also explains the fanatical opposition to the South Africans by the supporters of the World Government concept. South Africa has by far the largest gold reserve in the world, and unless this is brought under enemy control the credit trap cannot be sprung.
 Again we find the anti-God obsession of these people. The Book of Revelation, or Apocalypse, refers to the “mark of the beast”, and so there are plans that by 1988 we shall have to have tattooed on our foreheads or hands such a mark, it would be of the same type as those systems of parallel lines that have appeared on food packages and other goods since we entered the EEC, and without it we would not be able to obtain money or credit. The mark would be about the size of a postage stamp, and many of the requisite forms have already been printed. One reason for the official encouragement of crime can now be seen to be to encourage people to use banks and credit cards.

A World Dictatorship – THE MILITARY BASE
 To obtain control of the world-the Marxists needed a military base, to help enforce their ideas. In the 19th Century the nation that most strongly resisted the creeping onset of their campaign was Czarist Russia, and so that nation was chosen for subjection. The Bolsheviks gained power by the simple expedient of seizing control of the banks and money supplies and the food stocks. The people became too preoccupied with getting enough food to survive and were too weak to resist the foreign terrorists who were brought in to browbeat them into submission.7 Lenin, the man who became dictator, was the leader of the Russian SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
 The British Embassy was sacked at an early stage, and we were then represented by the Netherlands Minister. A portion of his report of 17th September 1918 said:
'The foregoing report will indicate the extremely critical nature of the present situation. The danger is now so great that I feel it my duty to call the attention of the British and all other Governments to the fact that if an end is not put to Bolshevism in Russia at once, the civilization of the whole world will be threatened. This is not an exaggeration, but a sober matter of fact.,. I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world ...It is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things..."
 The Bolsheviks are now called Soviets, but in our dealings with them it is as well to remember that they are merely one arm, though a strong one, of the organization seeking a One World State, and world domination by an anti-God faction. The entire build-up of the Soviet war industry and its armed forces has been by financial and technical aid from the West – from the international bankers and the multinationals controlled by Zionist leaders, and from the Western nations under Treaties negotiated in deference to UNESCO plans.
 The first World War provided the cover for the Bolshevik take-over in Russia, and the acceptance of having our freedom partially limited by statutory laws. The second World War provided the excuse for setting up the United Nations Organization, intended as the bureaucratic “Civil Service” of the World Government, Its Charter was based on the Communist Manifesto.

 7 FOREIGN OFFICE White Paper, April 1919.

Development of Communist Plans
 In the century since Communism was launched their plans have developed and matured. In 1928 the Communist International presented a three stage plan for achieving World Government
 1. Socialize the economies of all nations.
 2. Bring about regional unions of various groupings of these socialized nations,
 3. Amalgamate all of these regional groupings into a final world-wide union of socialist states.
 In the official programme of the Communist International in 1936 appeared the statement:
"Dictatorship can be established only by a victory of socialism in different countries or groups of countries, after which the proletariat republics would unite on federal lines with those already in existence, and this system of federal unions would expand... at length forming the World Union of Socialist Soviet Republics".
 In 1942, at the time Stalin was cooperating with Marxists in the Western nations to lay the foundations of the United Nations Organization, he defined the intermediate goals of Communism, necessary for the final takeover of the world, as: 8
 1. Confuse, disorganise and destroy the forces of capitalism around the world.
 2. Bring all nations together into a single world system of economy.
 3. Force the advanced countries to pour prolonged financial aid into the under-developed countries.
 4. Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to total world government. Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague regional loyalty than to a world authority.
 5. Later the regional groups can be brought all the way into a World Dictatorship.

 The first three of these steps are well on the way to being implemented though we have not yet reached the point of no return. The bankers are working on the assumption that that point would be reached with the establishment of a European Union that includes the United Kingdom. And again we find the pre-occupation with religious aspects.
 In the book of Genesis Satan appeared to Eve in the form of a snake. And to symbolize the control of the world there is a monetary snake. Those who sought to control the finances of the world decided to conquer the world by “peaceful” means, using the slyness of the symbolic snake, that would penetrate into the heart of nations and undermine their power. They looked upon it primarily as a ring around Europe, and "When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice".3 That statement was made in the 1860s, and it was considered that by enchaining Europe it would ultimately encompass the whole world. And today the attempt to control European finances has been given the name “snake”.

The United Nations Organization
 The establishment of a European Union is critical for their plans, and the groundwork is almost complete. The formation of the United Nations Organization was a necessary preliminary. Appropriately, the United Nations building contains a Satanic chapel. The U.N. influence in this country was gained by the Statutory Instruments Act of 1946 and the United Nations Act that was passed three weeks later. Between them these ensured that the wishes of the United Nations Secretariat and UNESCO could be implemented in this country without the origin of the trends being obvious. In the field of Education, for example, the intentions of those who controlled UNESCO were:
 1. Deride, ridicule and ultimately destroy any feelings of patriotism or loyalty to their country among the youth.
 2. Instil into the youth an outlook of internationalism and world-mindedness. (This could easily be reconciled at a later date with the concept of a One World Marxist Dictatorship).
 3. Indoctrinate the youth to embrace Marxist-socialism (but under other labels) as the correct political and social viewpoint.
 4. Neutralize youth against the religious influences of the home and all other concepts of rigid morality which might interfere with the acceptance of Marxist and Communist doctrine.
 The influence of UNESCO has also been felt in the field of international law. Many Treaties have been concluded under the auspices of UNESCO, that differ in two major respects from the concept of Treaties before 1945.
 In the first place, they have become increasingly vague and woolly, so the published versions are later filled out by detailed undertakings that are not published or publicised. Thus, the Treaty with the USSR signed by Mulley and Wedgwood Benn in 196810 did not actually mention the words nuclear power, yet under it the whole of our nuclear knowhow has been given to the USSR. Another Agreement, also in 1968, and signed by Goronwy Roberts12 paved the way for running down our merchant navy and handing over ships and shipping routes to the USSR. Its terms were so outrageous that it was not published until after the statutory period for prosecutions for treason had expired, even though it began to be implemented right away. I have even known a detailed subsidiary Agreement to be signed by a woman who had no connection with the Government, that Agreement being subsequently “honoured” by the Government. It was detrimental to our defence interests.
 This mentality is a characteristic of the United Nations. In 1962 Conor Cruise O'Brien wrote:
 "The greater the ambiguity in a Security Council decision, the wider the Secretary-General's margin of interpretation. Through ambiguities resolved, through margins skilfully used, the office of Secretary-General had grown in stature and authority far beyond what the framers of the Charter seem to have envisaged at San Francisco".13
 I disagree. Everything points to that ambiguity being quite deliberate, and we see a somewhat similar ambiguity in the draft Treaty establishing European Union.
Regardless of the precise legal position, since 1946, UNESCO-backed Treaties have been considered to take precedence over national laws. In support of this concept, the present Director of Public Prosecutions has refused to prosecute for any crimes committed in support of the One World planners. As a result, treason, genocide, riot and other major offences are treated as if they are no longer indictable, while hit gangs employed by One World activists can commit arson, torture and other major crimes at will, without fear of reprisals.
 In 1975 Harold Wilson signed an Agreement with the Soviet Union committing the British Government to do everything in its power to ensure that the plans for the envisaged One World Dictatorship were irreversibly implemented; and that in all Government decisions about any part of the world where there was tension, it would ensure that our policies are aligned with those of the Soviet Union.14 That Agreement runs out this year, and it is to be hoped that when the Foreign Secretary visits the USSR in July he will ensure that any future Agreement in no way commits the United Kingdom to Communist objectives.

8 JOSEPH STALIN: “MARXISM AND THE NATIONAL QUESTION”. New York International Publishers, 1942.
 10 Command Paper 3710. Published by H.M.S.O.
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 13 Conor Cruise O'Brien: 'TO KATANGA AND BACK". Published Simon & Schuster Inc. New York 1962.
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The destabilization of the British political system
 Absolutely crucial for the Communist plans for the World Dictatorship have been the Treaty of Rome and now the Treaty for the Establishment of European Union. Our adherence to the Treaty of Rome was dependent upon the activities of members of a subversive organization, that has links with both the KGB and Israeli Intelligence. (These latter work very closely together in this and other countries of the Old Commonwealth, the USA and elsewhere – almost as if they were one organization, Israeli Intelligence, since before the formation of the State of Israel, has seemed to function as the One World Intelligence Organization, It is assisted in its task of destabilizing the nations of the world by having its “intelligence reports” accepted by M16, the CIA, South African Intelligence and other national intelligence organizations, without any form of check or verification. Also, under the aegis of the Under-Secretary General for Security Council and Political Affairs of the United Nations – a post that in 1943 was agreed should always be held by a nominee of the USSR – Israeli Intelligence would seem to have responsibility for organizing the world-wide network of terrorists).
 At a meeting in Oxford in 1940 the head of the political section of the subversive organization described its intentions, and MI5 received a report from Moscow the following year outlining the same plans. Members of this political section of the subversive organization were to infiltrate the Political Parties. Those going into the Conservative Party were to pretend to be the left wing of that Party, while those going into the Labour Party were to pretend to be on the right wing of the Party. The reason given for this was that the British tend to distrust “extremists”. Those infiltrating the Conservative Party were to be responsible for the “financial smokescreen” that was to conceal the, changeover from a democratic Government to a Marxist dictatorship. The description given fits the manner in which the Heath Government took us into the EEC; and the present Tory Reform Group's support for the Treaty establishing European Union.
 There was to be extremist infiltration into the Parliamentary Labour Party, so that when the time came for the establishment of the Marxist dictatorship the Labour Party would split, and the subversive group would join a new “Centre” Party. At the same time the infiltrators into the Conservative Party were to seek to split that Party, making it appear as if normal Conservatives were also extremists, while they themselves would leave the Conservative Party and join the new Party, that would then form a dictatorship disguised beforehand as a “Government of National Unity”.
Throughout, the aim has been “infiltration from the top”. Although the people of the country may all vote, the candidates are chosen by a very small number of people, and since the war an unrepresentative proportion of subversive agents have entered Parliament. Since the great weakness in the Party system is the manner in which candidates are chosen, this provides fertile ground for subversive activity. A further weakness in our electoral system in recent years has been the packing of marginal constituencies and the constituencies of strong anti-marxist Members of Parliament with immigrants who are prepared to vote the way their leaders tell them.
 We can see how the subversive intentions are being carried out. Extremists have infiltrated the Labour Party, to replace genuine Labour Members of Parliament. The “right wing” of the Party is in the process of splitting away, to form what is virtually a media-created Party named, appropriately enough, the SOCIAL DEMOCRAT PARTY.
 A National Party was formed, and joined by many normal Conservatives who found the policies of Multiracialism, with positive discrimination against the rightful inhabitants of these islands, and European integration, with the Monarchy eliminated and our freedom and national sovereignty swept away, repugnant in the extreme. The Board of Deputies of British Jews in 1979 launched a vicious smear campaign against them, mostly uncritically accepted, which has impaired them as a political force.
 There still remains the Conservative Party. The majority of its ordinary members are decent people who adhere to normal Conservative principles, and are patriotic. Marxist members of the Tory Reform Group and other Marxist infiltrators into the Conservative Party, including members of the Federation of the Zionist Youth, have launched another massive smear campaign, as part of the lead up to the consideration of the Treaty Establishing European Union. This smear campaign has been accepted by the Conservative Central Office, without any investigation into its origins so that many normal Conservatives, who find the policies advocated by Karl Marx and Stalin unacceptable, have been somewhat bewildered to find themselves labelled “fascist” and under attack by the Conservative Central Office. We can expect to find the Marxist infiltrators into the Conservative Party joining with the Social Democrat Party and Infiltrators in the Labour Party in an attempt to force Parliament to accept the Treaty of European Union.

The European Community
 When the United Kingdom entered the EEC we were told deliberate lies about the significance of that move. For example, we were assured that it did not mean loss of sovereignty, it did. Under Articles 189 and 1 91 of the Treaty of Rome the EEC Commissioners were empowered to formulate Directives and Decisions that took precedence over national laws. These did not have to be published, even though they had to be implemented. In theory Parliament was meant to consider them and either accept them or reject them. In practice, the laws emanating from Brussels every six months exceeded in bulk the sum total of all laws in this country prior to 1900. This is far too great a volume of legislation-for busy Constituency M.P.s even to read – so that mostly it has been accepted unread, and implemented by those to whom the Directives and Decisions were addressed. Buried among them were some that were pure poison.
 During the last 12 years the primary objectives of the EEC Commissioners has been to pave the way for the Treaty establishing European Union, to make it more difficult for us to reject it. The laws emanating from Brussels have very seriously damaged our industry and defences, and have introduced many changes needed for the smooth transition to a dictatorship. The significance of our handing over vast sums to the EEC to have them returned should not be overlooked. The money that is returned is spent according to the-wishes of the Commissioners, mostly on altering the infra-structure of the nation so that it may more easily be split into smaller administrative units.
 In all this the EEC Commissioners have received willing help from Westminster and Whitehall. In 1968 Wilson reorganized the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and since then there have been two departments in that Ministry concerned with European integration, Internal and External. In a talk given by the then Minister of State at the Foreign Office, Lord Goronwy Roberts, in April 1979, he described the policy that was being followed by the Labour Party, and would continue to be followed if they were returned to office, to achieve the One World objectives. We learnt that the Government was committed to the objective of total unilateral disarmament, and that Federal Europe was to be a zone of “peace” stretching “from the Urals to the Atlantic”. He said that David Owen had committed Britain to the UN concept of United Nations “peace-keeping”, including the offer of armed units by Britain. (N.B. The Korean, Congo and Vietnam wars were all initiated by UN “peace-keeping” forces, under the overall command of the Under-Secretary General for Security Council and Political Affairs – the post held by a Soviet officer).
 Most interesting of all, he said that a disarmed world would need considerably more organization and “much more law”. For the world-wide law to be effective it would have to be backed by an effective instrument to enforce that law. The fate of Rhodesia is a warning of what could be expected. With national “law and order” replaced by international “law and order” the meaning of “law and order” needs to be carefully considered. It is something quite different from the justice upon which our previous Common Law was based.

The European Assembly
and the Treaty establishing European Union
 The present situation is that Members of the European Assembly, as representatives of their constituents (did they consult or even inform them?), have voted by a large majority for the Treaty establishing European Union. We learn that 'The resolution also addresses itself to the future Parliament, requesting it to make all the necessary representations ... to ensure that the Treaty is ratified", So far as the EEC is concerned it was to be “one of the major issues of the election campaign”. Yet the Eurofanatics were so certain that they could never get the nation to agree that we were told nothing about it,
 Like every recent Treaty, the draft of this one is in many places ambiguous. It does cover in outline almost all aspects of human activity, but there are some matters over which it is quite unambiguous. These were summarised in a Working Document15 as "The new Commission will assume full responsibility not only for the management but also for the planning of common actions, together with the related legislative and financial initiatives". This last means that they can demand money by taxation or from national assets as they wish. As for the law:
 - The President would be appointed and would then appoint the other Commissioners (Article 25).
 - The Commission would have the power to formulate and have implemented, detailed statutory laws covering any of the fields mentioned in the Treaty (Article 40).
- Laws may “vary according to the addressee”. (Article 35).
 - Conflicting national laws would be automatically repealed (Article 42). As with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the ambiguities in the Treaty would considerably increase the real powers of the President of the Commission.
 The Treaty makes provision for a ten year period while its terms are being implemented. Reading it one gets the impression that those that would be immediately rejected by the public would only be enforced after the less obvious changes had made the situation irreversible. There is no provision for the continuation of the Monarchy or National Governments. It would seem that the Commissioners would become absolute rulers, with the Regions acting as local centres of administration. The map of the European Union shows ten such Regions in Great Britain, and four in Ireland. It does not acknowledge the existence of England. One Region includes the present Northern Ireland with a surrounding portion of Eire. The Irish Forum that is at present being advocated would seem to be intended to implement this part of the plan for the European Union.

 This intended COUP D'ÉTAT, with the destruction of the nation, is by far the most sweeping change planned in over 1000 years, yet we have not been told about it. The reason for the deafening silence is quite simple. There are comparatively few people criminally involved – and if all the others who are unconsciously helping them stopped doing so their plans would collapse. Publicity is what they fear.


 11th June 1984.
 One of the surprises at the Sizewell B Inquiry is that on June 12th “evidence” is being given by and on behalf of the Southern African terrorist organization SWAPO. Their theme is that they want the Namibian uranium mines to be closed down, or at the least the uranium to be denied to the West, and for this they have latched onto the general anti-nuclear campaign. The “evidence” they have produced is full of spurious arguments that can easily be shown to be incorrect, so that it would seem that SWAPO are more concerned with providing this as a red herring than with accuracy.
 SWAPO are the surrogates of the USSR, who require strategic ports and airfields not only in Mozambique and Angola, but also in South West Africa (Namibia), if they are to dominate the future exploitation of Antarctica – which is believed to have a mineral wealth about ten times that of Southern Africa.
 The Antarctica Treaty signed in 1961 by 14 nations, including the USSR and the United Kingdom, provided for environmental, scientific and meteorological research only, but already the USSR has 1250 personnel there in 6 Soviet Antarctic bases out of a total of 31. That Treaty comes to an end in 1991, and the wealth of the Antarctic will then be “up for grabs”.
The Soviet plan has always been by that time to have secured air and sea routes to Antarctica via Southern Africa. Their planned Antarctica routes are from Odessa in the USSR to Aden (a former British base handed over to them in 1967), and then to Maputo (in the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique) or to Luanda in Angola (another former Portuguese colony), and from these on to Antarctica. On the western coast the sea route is intended to have as its main base Luanda in Angola and a base not yet set up at Luderitz in Namibia. They also plan, to have another major airport at Orangemund (Orange Mouth) in Namibia.
 They already have effective control in Mozambique and, with the help of Cuban mercenaries, in Angola. With the help of the Cuban mercenaries and their surrogates SWAPO they hope to seize Namibia when It becomes “independent”. Members of SWAPO are being trained and supplied with arms and ammunition by the USSR,
 At the same time the Soviets intend to deny to the Western powers, and particularly Britain, West Germany and France, easy access to Antarctica via Southern Africa, as well as access to the Southern African minerals. SWAPO and their artificial pretensions are merely part of a carefully planned exercise. The attempts through another pawn, Argentina, to gain control of the Falkland Islands and the Falkland Island Dependencies was a part of that same exercise.
 (Dr. Kitty Little)

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