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Sir Bernard Hogan Howe
« on: January 23, 2016, 08:09:30 PM »
This man is sitting on 16 allegations of Treason, forwarded to him by 16 Chief Constables.

This is the most major crime against a country and it’s people that can be committed.

By sitting on these allegations, and knowing about the crime he is now guilty of Misprision of Treason for failing to act.


The Treason allegations are linked to our membership of the EU, and the demotion of our Sovereign Queen to the status of a citizen.


EU membership is unlawful, and of no legal force, because of the treason, and under the terms of the Vienna Convention on the law of Treaties 1969&1986, we could leave tomorrow with impunity.

Parliament has been provided with this information, but failed to act, instead continuing to place us all in peril, especially women and girls.


The English Constitution Group founded by Constitutional expert Albert Burgess, are the group which placed the allegations with the Chief Constables.

yours truly


How much more?

SO where are we? Thought it might be useful if I compiled a few bullet points to update you on the catastrophe called Europe.

— Brussels says the UK will have to take 11.5 per cent of ALL predominantly Muslim migrants coming to Europe — with their different value systems and disdain for Western ways — from the Middle East and Africa.

— As a threat, Brussels says failure to agree to the 11.5 per cent will mean we won’t have a right to deport asylum seekers to their country of arrival in Europe.

— Austria is to cap the number of asylum seekers it accepts this year at 37,500 — fewer than half of last year’s number.

— German President Joachim Gauck says it’s “morally and politically” correct to limit the number of migrants. Why didn’t they say that before signalling to the whole world that the EU would take anybody who turned up?

— Two hundred migrants are suing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s German government, as they say they have been waiting for more than a year to discover if they will be allowed to stay. Regardless of the court case, who will actually throw them out? And where will they go?

The whole thing is a nightmare and will only get worse with 1,800 a day heading to Europe right now — and ultimately getting EU passports.

They are never going back — would you? — and even more will come in the summer. Perhaps 4,000 to 5,000 a day.

So come June, when the human tide is at its biggest, the UK will be preparing to vote “yes” or “no” to staying in Europe.

You don’t need to be a genius to work out the result of that referendum. We are leaving Europe. Thank God. And thank you, Merkel, for making it so easy.

'Dud' ... Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe  PA:Press Association


HOW much longer can Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe remain as Scotland Yard Commissioner?

Firstly, he doesn’t have the personal courage to issue the statement talking about the distress caused to war hero Field Marshal Lord Bramall by untrue allegations of sexual abuse more than three decades back.

He arranges for some assistant to do it. Disgraceful. He is paid to take the custard pies.

And in the statement, which he would have had to approve, the Yard says it cannot apologise for every investigation that turns out to be untrue.

I do understand that. But perhaps Sir Bernard could explain why it took 20 police officers to turn up at breakfast to raid a 92-year-old’s house? I thought you kept saying publicly you were short of officers.

Hogan-Howe is a dud and his five-year contract is up. We need somebody with more brains and integrity. What about promoting that detective who stood up to Tom Watson? My kind of guy.

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