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« on: November 01, 2012, 07:45:04 PM »
The Prime Minister
The Rt Hon. David Cameron Esq
House of Commons

Dear Prime Minister,

I write in the hope you will be made aware of my feelings, though I doubt this will happen. This is one of the main issues we have. I understand that your time cannot afford perusal of all mail but, somehow I believe it essential you be made aware of concerns which are received within your office. You appear completely unaware of the desires of the electorate and are out of touch with the people.

I yesterday watched debate on the EU budget .The one thing which was so obvious was the many who spoke out on the fact it is now time for parliament to do as the people outside the House wish.; MPs on both sides become aware of what is wrong. Government no longer is representative of the people's wants.. In fact I must point out that we are not your servants but you ours. You are leading us to complete catastrophe in your determination to remain within the EU. Cannot you see it and exactly what is your agenda?

I have written several times on the issue of Mr Kenneth Clarke being on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg group whilst asking you directly if you are a member, a question you appear not to be prepared to answer. Is this why your actions seem to be geared towards destruction of our nation through participation in the EU whist you preach the reverse.?

Whilst Ken Clarke was Justice Minister we saw attempts to subvert the constitution, he further attempted to subvert our Common law and impose Corpus Juris and secret courts .You have now placed him in the position of Minister without portfolio where we read he has recently attempted to suppress the media. Exactly what is this about? Why would he desire to do so?

This week has seen motion to repeal the 1972 act( and this Sir is the only way we should leave the EU as our entry was completely illegal and treason was committed.)
To hold a referendum asking the people of this country to decide on our sovereignty is in itself illegal under our Constitution. This nation cannot now be part of the developing European State wherein our Sovereign becomes but a suzerain and, as Major stated, a Citizen of the EU. If you continue with this complete charade you too commit treason, in fact you are by your continuance of our illegal involvement. Your government goes against our Common and Constitutional laws and here we again must mention the attempts to destroy The House of Lords.

We have now seen, quite rightly so, defeat in the house yesterday and the passing of a motion to decrease the EU Budget. I enclose an article which must completely back up the motion passed. Cannot you see and understand the people's wishes? If you persist in your idiot determination to stay in the EU and attempt to renegotiate, continue to speak of referendum( illegal) and yet prevaricate I assure you there must come backlash. It is happening across Europe though thankfully we English are a more stable people. However we English will take just so much. I believe this is what MPs are now becoming aware of.

There is now growing anger at your actions, growing nationalism and complete resentment of Asian immigration besides the many arriving from Europe.. You have done nothing to restrict this. Is this because Brussels forbids it.?

There is growing anger at our increase in Foreign Aid and of course the ?53 million per day going to the EU. In fact Sir, the people are now utterly fed up with the way you lead and the governance of us..

You are gradually seeing an increase within Tory ranks of rebellion and we read Mr Tebbitts remarks directed to yourself. Does this not convey to you something is seriously wrong?.

The motion passed yesterday must now ensure that you have a most difficult job ahead. I hope that when the electorate discover that the motion is not binding and we still have to pay the EU more ,you have yet a further difficulty, that of wholesale resentment that you will not remove from the EU, a totally Fascist state to be,and one which is completely corrupt from top to bottom and which stands for everything this nation has forever fought against. In fact I suggest nothing more than an instrument of New World Order.

We see reduction ( destruction) of our forces,we are seeing complete ruination of the police. On the 15th November we are to vote on Police Commissioners, I suspect this again is a directive from Brussels. I point out my concerns here . To be a City Councillor costs nothing. To stand for Parliament costs ?500 so why then do we see a fee of ?5000 to stand as a Commissioner? Is this attempt to limit the entry of smaller Nationalistic groups/parties? That the entire matter is political cannot be denied as we read the Home Secretary has contacted 300,000 Conservative voters. Nothing but coercion Sir and totally incorrect. Not political??? You may find a complete disaster in the voting as here most tell they will destroy their paper being completely against politicisation of the force, that is if they bother to visit the voting booth at all.

Whilst on this issue can you tell me why we are informed at least one participant receives backing from America whilst there may well be others. Just what is this - a move towards a world police force shortly to fall into line with the force now being run along military lines in Europe? Everything we are now seeing here begins to stink and the smells get daily worse.

Before closing I will mention my dismay that, whilst we now borrow to effect outside payments and our deficit grows larger, the Chancellor does nothing to oppose you and appears to be as hell bent to destroy us through the EU as you are.

I must be one of many now completely disgusted at what I am seeing and what I feel is your complete ineptitude in leading and especially in governing according to the electorate's wishes.

Derek Hill

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