An open letter to Nigel Farage and MEP'S

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An open letter to Nigel Farage and MEP'S
« on: January 26, 2016, 09:52:52 AM »

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To: Nigel Farage MEP
Cc: Bill Etheridge MEP; Caroline Stephens North Wilts; Daniel Hannan; Dave Hodges; David Coburn MEP; Diane James MEP; Donald Martin; Gerard Batten; Gerard Wadsworth; Gerrard Batten; Gillian Savory; Gordon Helm; James Gulleford; Jane Collins MEP; Janette Gulleford; Janice Atkinson MEP; Jeremy Allison; Jill Seymour MEP; Kenneth Gulleford; Louise Bours MEP; Margot Parker MEP; Mike Hookem MEP; Mike Nattrass MEP; Paul Nuttall; Richard Coke; Robert Brown; Steven Woolfe MEP; Stuart Agnew MEP; Tim Aker MEP; Timothy Congdon; UKIP; UKIP East Admin; UKIP Mail; UKIP Web Editor; Victoria Ayling; William Earl of Dartmouth


Dear Mr Farage,


I have supported UKIP fervently for years as I have believed your speeches and press quotes that you and the Party are absolutely intent on getting Britain out of the EU. 


You will know just how unlawful the EU is, how illegal its Treaties are and that in law (English Constitutional and Common Law and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969 & 1986), Britain may simply walk away and there is nothing the EU can do about it.  You will know of the gross treason committed by so many of our politicians since the 1960’s  -  which fact alone, renders Britain’s “EU membership” null and void.  So you will also know that Britain is, in law, not actually any part of the EU and that European law can have no effect in this country whatsoever.  English law continues to prevail.


It would seem the last general election was rigged since the Conservatives KNEW they’d won two weeks before it was held.  We now receive massively funded pro-EU propaganda through the front door and scores of organisations are strongly pushing the EU-IN vote.  We might get an EU referendum if Mr Cameron finally so decides, worded to accord with his openly pro-EU stance.  But no matter how it might be worded, voting in such a referendum would in law, cement Britain’s part in the EU as it would legitimise what is currently an illegal sham with no grounding in law.


As such a “promised” EU referendum theoretically draws closer, one would expect to see UKIP officials in overdrive to counter the strong pro-EU drive with campaigns, posters and billboards, leaflets and other handouts making sure that absolutely every person in the country knows and is fully aware of the harm and cost the EU is causing us, just how destructive full EU membership will be and how Britain will be infinitely better off out of the Union.  That we shall breathe easily once again and be free to trade with the world without interference as now.


But we see none of this from UKIP.  Your speeches are masterly.  But speeches without action amount to nothing because the Europhiles will simply smile and ignore what you say until they see things beginning to change through action.  Only then will they take what you say, seriously.


Though the Party has claimed for years that it will robustly get Britain out of the EU and given the passionate support it received at last year’s General Election, why has it not done anything discernable to leave the EU so far ?  As Britain has no lawful commitment to Europe anyway, why has UKIP not simply walked our country away from EU clutches as it legally and freely may ?  Since the three main parties have so treacherously lied and deceived this nation into foreign rule and dictatorship, English law will still enable UKIP to take us out - today.  UKIP would gain a very considerable membership increase upon doing so.


Time in which to achieve that is now so very short before our opportunity is forever lost.  The loss of our country will cause a very large number of people to become incandescent with rage that UKIP could have done far more than we have so far seen.


Will you tell me when UKIP is to act decisively and what we can expect to see, please ?


Yours sincerely,


Rex Poulton

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