Muslim migrants banned from swimming pools in Germany

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Muslim migrants banned from swimming pools in Germany
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Muslim Migrants ‘banned’ from swimming pools in Germany after shocking scenes of sexual misconduct

By Lasha Darkmoon on February 2, 2016

Darkmoon — Feb 2, 2016

Sourced from and other sources

Introduced and lightly edited by Lasha Darkmoon, with two related articles added as appendices.

LASHA DARKMOON:  You will read below of Muslim migrants in Germany masturbating in jacuzzis at German swimming pools, defecating in paddling pools, and groping children in changing rooms. 

These shocking events, reported in the German tabloid Bild and aired on local radio, have been recorded on security cameras at the Zwickau swimming baths. Zwickau is a small town in Saxony, Germany, with a population of roughly 100,000 people, many of them recent Muslim migrants. The migrants involved, mostly Afghan and Syrian asylum seekers, were taken into  police custody and investigated.

In almost every case, inexplicably, the ‘ban’ on migrants misusing pool facilities was lifted within a few days and the sex attackers released from police custody—all this under immense pressure from powerful interests.

Any attempt to dismiss these incidents as “staged events by paid actors” can be dismissed out of hand as worthless conspiracy theories. These migrant sexual assaults on local people, witnessed by thousands,  are now happening all over Europe. To maintain these are “fictional” events, as many apologists for the Muslim community have been arguing, stretches credulity to the breaking point. [LD]

Zwickau swimming-pool
The swimming pool in Zwickau, Germany, where these outrageous scenes of sexual misbehavior were caught on security cameras

A German swimming bath has banned migrants from entering the premises after a group of men went on an obscene rampage, laughing in the faces of pool staff when challenged about their grotesque behaviour.

A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught “contaminating” the children’s training pool by “emptying their bowels in the water”, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.

The allegations against the migrant bathers has come to light thanks to a leaked internal letter from the Zwickau Town Hall, between the chief clerk to his department head, reproduced in part by German tabloid Bild. Writing of the historic swimming pool’s decision to close their doors to migrants until further notice, Rainer Kallweit wrote this week of a shocking incident which has left the baths abandoned by local swimmers.

In his report, the authenticity of which has since been confirmed by the city administration, Mr. Kallweit wrote the shocking words:

“An asylum seeker has masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera”. He wrote that the group desecrating the jacuzzi, having been thrown out by the lifeguards, later returned and took “selfies” of themselves while they were in the tub, “jeering” the whole time.

Writing of another pool under his jurisdiction in the town of Zwickau, the town employee continued to say a group of “young unaccompanied women and children” used the children’s training pool, as none of the party could swim. He wrote, in classic civil servants language they “contaminated the pool by getting rid of the contents of their intestines. Native people immediately left the pool”.

This was not the only assault on the pool.

The day before, Mr. Wallweit wrote, “eight foreign men in the sauna” harassed locals, forcing pool staff to pretend the sauna was out of action when enquiries were made by migrant men asking if there were local women using it. He told his superiors: “The lifeguards have to protect women and girls from these asylum seekers. Young men wanted to forcibly penetrate the female changing room.”

Police are now investigating the allegations and in future will be called immediately in case of such behaviour.

The local radio station reports the actions of the migrants has caused “outrage”, and quite a few sexual harassment incidents of women and girls by migrants have been reported. Migrants have now been banned from the pool until they can be educated at the migrant centres about “behaviour towards woman and girls in swimwear” and the “user regulations of our baths”.

This behaviour in Zwickau is not by any means unique in Germany.

Breitbart London has reported on a number of sex attacks on children in swimming baths over the past week, with girls as young as 11 and boys as young as three being targeted by migrant gangs.

On one occasion in Munich, a pair of young girls enjoying the waterslide at their local pool were groped, “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees”.

The men believed to be responsible, Syrian and Afghan asylum seekers, were arrested and then released by police.


German Swimming Pool Lifts Migrant Bather Ban After Left Wing Pressure, Just 24 Hours After Four Children Are Molested

The swimming pool in Bornheim, Germany made headlines worldwide last week when it banned migrant males from their waters, but just days later they have buckled under pressure to lift the ban.

The decision to re-admit migrants from a nearby camp comes despite reports of incidents across the country, including one of children being sexually assaulted on Saturday, just 24 hours before the announcement was made.

While the local authority who run the pool were expected to make an announcement on the future of the ban on Monday, they went ahead and declared the pool would re-open from this Wednesday (21st January). A spokesman for the pool “hopes there will be no more sexual harrasment”, reports Rheinische Post.

While the company had originally declared their intention to keep the ban in place until the newly arrived migrants in the area had “got the message” about sex abuse and had learnt their lesson, there had been strong criticism and pressure to lift the restriction.

The director of the North Rhine-Westphalia Refugee Council was one who criticised the decision, calling it discriminatory. Others, including the German Society for Bathing have pointed out the ban was legally questionable and could result in the pool being sued by migrants.

As an alternative to the ban, new pool signs have been erected with pictorial diagrams explaining that inappropriate touching and remarks are prohibited, reports Focus.

The ban had originally been triggered by migrants making remarks and directing obscene gestures towards women bathers, prompting them to abandon the public facility when migrants were using it. Yet there has been worse activities reported in other baths.

Police arrested a 19 year old Afghan man on Saturday afternoon after they received complaints from four children. The girls, all aged between 11 and 13 years old were swimming at a public baths in Dresden when they were “touched immorally” by the man, reports MOPO24. Two other migrants were also suspected.

Remarkably, the arrested man has since been released from police custody.

When approached by local media, the Dresden city director of sports said applying a migrant pool ban after the molestation of the children by migrants was out of the question. He said: “It is not right to put all the people under general suspicion.”

This is not the only case of young women being attacked by migrants in past days.

Breitbart London reported last week on two sisters who were molested at a pool in Munich. Aged 14 and 17, the girls were groped “allegedly under their bathing suits”, “and possibly raped” by a gang of “refugees” while enjoying a water-slide at their local pool.

Just as in Dresden, the Syrian and Afghan migrants responsible were arrested, but immediately released.


Yet Another Migrant-on-Child Sex Attack at a European Indoor Pool

Staff at an Austrian swimming pool have been told to “pay attention” after a horrified mother caught a migrant sexually assaulting her three year old son in the children’s pool.

The latest migrant sex violence outrage took place at the Linz baths, where a 36 year old mother of three identified only as Sandra F’ by Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung was paddling with her children, a ten year old daughter and two sons aged three and six. She told the paper: “I had noticed six foreigners aged between 30 and 40 years old in the indoor pool. Two were sitting on the edge of the children’s pool.

“One of them sidled up to my youngest child and put his hands in my son’s underwear.” The woman told the paper she witnessed the man performing a sex act next to her young son. The woman removed her children from the facility and informed a lifeguard, who threw the migrant man who was “touching himself” out of the pool. The police were not called, the report suggests.

Promising to keep an eye out for migrant molesters in future, but offering no change in official policy whatever, the city’s Director of Swimming Pools said of the incident: “We immediately gave our staff instructions to may more attention to such incidents”.

This is not by any means the first sex attack in a European public pool in recent months. Many more are now being reported in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks.  The scale of these latter attacks has given courage to many more to come forward. Kronen Zeitung also notes the minimal reporting given to a similar attack in Vienna in December last year. when a 10-year-old German boy was sexually by an Iraqi male  but got very little press attention.

Over a month later, in fact only this week, the Vienna swimming bath was forced to enact a ban of their own after a group of migrant males found their way into the ladies’ changing rooms. Vienna Online reports that these so-called “refugees” will now only be admitted to the swimming pool facilities when accompanied by their social workers.

Breitbart London has also reported on other more recent swimming bath assaults and the measures enacted to prevent them.

The Bornheim bath in Germany were proactive after migrants from three local asylum camps visited the pool and made obscene gestures towards women there, banning all migrants until further notice.

Under pressure from pro-migrant campaign groups and as a result of global media attention, the ban lasted just six days before being lifted this week.

A spokesman said he “hopes there will be no more sexual harassment” now that the ban had been lifted.

Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon.  If this article upsets you and makes you think this website is hostile to all Muslims—and that I myself am an Islamophobe—please read this statement I have just issued: Why I am not an Islamophobe.

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