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« on: November 01, 2012, 09:56:41 PM »
Good comment on the Manc ?race attack? story (reblogged by Wrexham Bex) #edl


One of the comments on this pic?. I?ll agree that the feral rat of a mother should go to prison when the 4 Somali feral rats who kicked and beat the white girl in Leicester go to prison.
I?ll agree to this white woman being jailed for a racist rant
http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/05/30/217542.htmlwhen this black woman is jailed for the exact same offence
http://casualsunited.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/racist-black-woman-on-london-bus-update-edl-emmawest/.I?ll agree to the racism laws in this country when Dianne Abbot is sacked from her job as an MP like white MP Anne Winterton was for a racist tweet.I?ll agree to having all these anti-racism laws when we can have white associations similar to the Black police officers,Black lawyers or Black history month,or society of Black architects(quick search on Google will find you lots more).Take a look in the media, and on an all too often basis now,we hear of white people being vilified,sacked
,tarnished,ostracised,threatened and deemed ?waycist?,yet the same offences by ethnics are brushed under the carpet(Asian grooming gangs) for fear of political correctness.Well f~ck PC and multi-culturalism which is causing the indigenous natives nothing but grief through mass immigration,where we have to walk on egg shells and watch our language for fear of upsetting the ethnics.Things are going to get a lot worse in this country,especially England,unless immigration and the colonisation is stopped.Look at the figures and in 50 years time the white natives are going to be a minority in this country,that is not dissimilar to genocide.Yes I agree,we should look at our countrymen,because in 50 years time there won?t be as many left to look at.
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