Our entry into Europe was treasonous action

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Our entry into Europe was treasonous action
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:06:39 PM »
When will the British People wake up????  Our entry into Europe was treasonous action, know your constitution, we do have one albeit it in several documents.  Our ancestors died for the so-called freedoms we have.  The action of those who signed those treaties have committed treason against the British People and we are going to pay dearly, not just with money, our freedom but indeed our lives!  This is pushing us towards a world government.


What a farce! Cameron's EU deal unravels as it emerges migrants from some European countries will get HIGHER child benefits than British families
David Cameron's EU deal reveals that some migrants will get HIGHER benefits 

The Prime Minister tried desperately to defend his referendum stitch-up with Brussels - which he insisted would make the country 'stronger and better'. Incredibly, the small print of the draft deal reveals that some overseas workers - far from losing their child benefit altogether - would receive even more. They will be given extra handouts for children living abroad if the cost of living in their country is higher than the UK. Pictured above, Mr Cameron as depicted in a cartoon by the Daily Mail's Mac, with the caption: 'The emperor's new clothes'.

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•KATIE HOPKINS: Sorry Dave but your 'deal' is too little, too late to keep us in Europe - so stop FIBBING to us!

Cameron to DOUBLE aid spending on refugees fleeing Syria: PM pledges extra £1.2billion in support in bid to give 'hope' to those leaving the country

ZAATARI CAMP, JORDAN - FEBRUARY 2: Syrian refugees women sit next to their caravan on February 2, 2016 in the Zaatari camp in northeast Jordan. King Abdullah of Jordan has said the huge influx of refugees from Syria is putting a great strain on his country's infrastructure and that the situation is at 'boiling point'. (Photo by Jordan Pix/ Getty Images) 
Government sources said the money being announced at a summit would be used to help refugees in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, with some earmarked for new school buildings.

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• DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Who WILL speak for England?   

Call for action: The front page of today's Daily Mail 
With no end in sight to the eurozone's agony - and Brussels paralysed by the migration crisis - history is likely to vindicate and reward those with the courage to speak out, win or lose.

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Ignore your constituents, Cameron tells MPs: PM issues controversial orders after survey shows support for 'out' campaign among Tory grassroots 

Many MPs promised their local parties that they would vote to leave if David Cameron failed to secure significant changes to Britain's relationship with the EU.

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How rank amateurism, jealousies and petty hatreds are tearing apart the rival 'Out' camps, writes ANDREW PIERCE

The splits and apparent lack of leadership in the 'Out' camps ahead of the EU referendum are a gift for Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured), who wants to stay in the EU, writes ANDREW PIERCE

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A migrant city the size of Bath: How desert camp in Jordan that opened with 100 families is now home to 80,000 Syrian refugees

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