Congratulatations to Kate Hoey for having the courage to depart Vote.Leave.

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Congratulatations to Kate Hoey for having the courage to depart Vote.Leave.

I hope that other MPs will now follow her.  Vote.Leave is favoured by the Cabinet Office, and hence the Electoral Commission (which is not independent and is controlled from the Cabinet Office) on the ground that that they want Britain to remain a German client-state (i.e. an EU Member State) and therefore want a weak leave campaign.

Vote Leave's cedibility however rests on its ability to falsely portray Leave.EU as a front for UKIP, which clearly it isn't, and on its tattered all-party credentials.  So far as I can tell it's actually a front for Michael Gove and Cameron. 

However strongly the Cabinet Office may want Vote.Leave to run the 'exit' campaign if the remaining Labour MPs and genuinely Eurosceptic Tory MPs like Bernard Jenkin leave then it would no longer be a credible choice.

Neither Matthew Elliott nor Dominic Cummings have any meaningful Eurosceptic credentials at all.  Cummings, who is close to Cameron ally Gove, is reported to be believed to want to stay in the EU, on different terms.   Elliott appears to want to stay in the so-called Single Market, i.e. wants open borders with the EU and no tariffs on European imports.  That is ridiculous, with respect.

To summarise: Cummings appears to want a reformed EU, which is not and never has been on offer, as Cameron's failure to achieve any meaningful reform demonstrates, and Elliott appears to want to leave the EU but stay in the EEA, which is bound to confuse voters and inhibit Vote.Leave from campaigning strongly on the killer issue for the pro-EU camp, immigration.

EEA membership involves open borders with the EU, indeed the UK regulation giving effect to the EU's open borders regime is known as the European Economic Area Order.  Vote.Leave are therefore campaigning for open borders with the EU, which in reality means loose border control with the Third World, as so many Third Word nationals enter into bogus marriages with EU citizens. 

I dealt with the EEA Order many times as an immigration judge between 1992 and 2003 and am more than familiar with it, and EU rules on immigration.  It was myself, after all, who triggered a constitutional referendum in Ireland by judicially referring questions of law to the ECJ on the ability of dual nationals born in Northern Ireland to use their Irish citizenship to assert EU treaty rights against the UK.  (I am not a Eurosceptic because I do not understand community law - I am a Eurosceptic because I understand it only too well.)   

I have not actually met either Cummings or Elliott.  I am not putting that forward as a test of Euroscepticism, but from the late 80s on I was associated with most of the major campaign groups on the EU and briefly led one, the Bruges Group, before being forced out by proxies for John Major.  In more than 20 years of anti-EU activism I never either Cummings or Elliott at a meeting, public or private.  Good people like Bernard Jenkin and Kate Hoey I met frequently.  Kate was a stalwart, e.g., with that lovely man Nigel Spearing, the late Tony Benn and others on the Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign, on whose Executive Committee I sat when in the Labour Party (which I had joined mainly because it was opposed to EEC membership, at a time when Margaret Thatcher supported it).   

Leave.EU should clearly be the official Exit campaign.  I respectfully urge anyone associated with Vote.Leave to abandon this failing and foolish organisation and join Leave.EU.

Nigel Farage has clearly won the right to be the leading public face of the BREXIT campaign.  As a Tory I give him my full support and would urge other Eurosceptics in my party to do the same.

After the Prime Minister's contemptuous dismissal of us in the Tory grassroots last week I imagine that I speak for a majority of Tory Party members.

Nigel's tactical calculation that resuming control over our borders is a vote-winning issue is sound.  It is clearly shared by Cameron and Heywood, who are desperately pushing for an early vote before the EU's immigration crisis deepens in the summer.

Russia's tactically brilliant air and ground offensive in Syria, whilst it is unhelpful in may respects and will have the effect of propping up Assad in the short term, is helpful in this respect.  It is stoking the immigration crisis and piling up pressure on the EU at a critical moment.   

Michael Shrimpton

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