Your Choice? Sunny Upland or Hell?

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Your Choice? Sunny Upland or Hell?
« on: February 09, 2016, 10:52:02 AM »

Your Choice? Sunny Upland or Hell?


Julian Farmer


29th February 2016



Every day seem to bring in some new idiocy introduced by our Multicultural cultists. The latter is indeed a cult- a Satanic cult. Now we have sodomy and consummation by anal intercourse as ‘proof’ of a matrimonial union, such is the sickness at the heart of this sad country’s laws on the subject, that now treats heterosexuals and the once honourable estate of matrimony as a fringe affair, same-sex ‘families’ being the new “in thing”. I select the latter because much of what we see today is driven by the Pink Fascists, in their effort to make themselves ‘normal’ and acceptable but also the new post-modernist ‘Mainstream’….


Note I use the term “make themselves normal and acceptable” to themselves. This is no error on my part, because homosexuals find it difficult to come to terms with their own fixations with their own sex. Indeed many loathe themselves and like a number of psychiatrically disturbed types, they transfer their self-hate onto others.


Homosexuals (Eysenck 1967), can be reconditioned by the way, if they wish. There are many decent "gays" and I do not support persecuting them.Striking down however, our ancient marriage laws is the ultimate in genocidal hate and abuse, obliterating the very base of who and what we are -men and women with the capacity and duty to create children.


The ultimate abuse of the latter is that these same, are now subject to state sanction and manipulation by making them fill in long questionnaires about their personal emotions and attitudes to their own gender and sexuality. To ask children in their formative years, is the most wicked abuse any supposed adult or regime can commit. This is driven to aid the gradual drift towards full-blown legal recognition of child sex- already pushed widely in Merkel’s New Germany- a land that will shortly either explode in public anger or be under the sharia. It is on a knife- edge.


One reason why some of the most extreme of the above crowd like Islam, is because far from turning a ‘blind eye’ to paedophile practices, it is accepted in the Koran and even mandated with the bandit leader and fake “Prophet” married and consummated it with a child just about to enter puberty. MHMD was a paedophile.


In Germany calls are now demanding Merkel resign but she and her former GDR supporters, are waging a counter offensive to demonise the girls recently attacked and raped across Germany, with Police now attempting to frame and prosecute the victims of the New Year sexual jihad. They are refusing to show film of the event or allow doctors to examine the girls, many of whom were actually raped, in a German replay of Rotherham. Plain and simply Merkel is evil. Such often comes in the form of traditional kindness….


The Lancaster (House) Plan is real by the way and is a standard methodology to allow an enemy to take charge of affairs and lands, the so called British “elite” consider lost. The name comes from the methods used by John of Gaunt to acquire over time lands and titles, to control the English Kingdom without being King.


This methodology was used in 1947 for Indian Independence, in which the shrewd Ghandi begged for “Dominion Status” and no Islamic state in Pakistan, preferring to keep imperial links. The traitors in the Foreign Office betrayed him and may have had a hand in his death.


From Aden to Europe, from Ireland to Hong-Kong, these Lancaster House Plans have become modern classics in deception and political graft to outwit and defeat the British people. The latest “Lancaster House Plan”- or simply “Lancaster Plan” functioning under ‘Chatham House Rules’ is to transition Britain into a sharia state.


Chatham House Rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Chatham House Rule is a system for holding debates and discussion panels on controversial issues, named after the headquarters of the UK Royal Institute ...

‎The Rule - ‎Purpose - ‎Concern over ECB use - ‎See also

Lancaster House Agreement - Oxford Dictionaries


An agreement which brought about the establishment of the independent state of Zimbabwe, reached in September 1979 at Lancaster House in London.

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If you choose not to believe me then that is for you to decide but may one suggest the reader observe the state of affairs around them?


We have a gradual replacement of out national common law by sharia compliant supposed ‘European’ laws that are in fact simply part of the ongoing process to replace our Christian state with a Moslem one. The British state elite has a pathological hatred of England and the English.


Many of them are Romanists, pagan and worse. They have worked steadily for over 100 years to dissolve the English Monarchy and state, many of them descendants of the Stuart favouring families, or still resenting the Anglo-Saxon, these people have despised since the Norman invasion. Many are now hard left despisers and even aristocrats that hate democracy and dream of a return of feudal times.


Their counterparts and colleagues rule across Europe and see Islam and its structure, as a perfect way to return to the old ways and preserve their wealth and hereditary positions. In some ways they have a point in that they have been taxed to near extinction by Socialist administrations envious of their property and titles.


Orwell was aware of their hated of all things English and he never understood it. As I said it dates back centuries to the Conquest or the overthrow of the Stuarts….


We need to stand together and end this nonsense.


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