Cameron scared 0f TV referendum debate

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Cameron scared 0f TV referendum debate
« on: February 10, 2016, 07:20:39 PM »
I can assure you M. that Cameron doesn't do debate, he has only done one debate to my knowledge, that was in Shipton under Wychwood, Witney constituency in March 2001 when he was debating with Marc Glendenning for the anti-EU side against John Stevens (pro-EU Conservative Party and Gareth Epps Lib/Dem).


In that debate he said we should not hand over any more powers to the EU,on the contrary,he would reclaim powers from the EU including social chapter and control over fisheries. 


When challenged by someone in the audience (it might have been Idris Francis) asking what he would do if the EU refused these demands, Cameron first waffled, and when pressed said then we might have to leave.


Cameron was desperate to be seen as a Eurosceptic (whatever that word means) because he believed Witney and particularly Witney Conservatives were Eurosceptic.


In the 'Banana emails (Feb 2000)', he wrote about these powers being returned and no further integration, ending with:


If that's being a europhile then I'm a banana.''


Later I offered Cameron a debate with Tony Benn, an opportunity that would have raised his profile at the time. He replied that he did not want to debate with Tony Benn.


Cameron can't or won't do debate, he's afraid of being caught out and made a fool of (he has this problem with uncontrollable blushing of course - goes bright red - I've seen it). Obviously he doesn't want to get caught with something (like in the Shipton debate) that could be quoted in the future. Instead Cameron is a news reader, reader of carefully prepared scripts.


As leader of the 'REMAIN' side he needs to be forced to make his case in the face of others, preferably Nigel Farage.


We need to hear the Prime Minister and leader of the 'REMAIN' side's case in the run up to this referendum, it's an imperative. As Nigel says we won't get another opportunity.


If he still refuses, then that will be a major weakness of the REMAIN side and could win us the referendum - but we need to make this an issue in itself.

David Cameron will REFUSE to take part in a referendum TV debate - but a top pollster warns if the PM is seen 'looking scared' it will boost the Out campaign 

In what is set to be a repeat of the long running row ahead of the general election, the Prime Minister has reportedly ruled out a television clash.



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