WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK.An open letter sent to MP's and David Cameron

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Dear Mr C.

Thank you for copying me in regarding your letter to the Prime Minister. I noted your views carefully. A lot of these points have been and will carry on being discussed in Government.


With best wishes.


Kind regards,


Jonathan Lord



Jonathan Lord MP

Member of Parliament for Woking

House of Commons

London, SW1A 0AA

Tel. 020 7219 6913

[email protected]
Sent: 11 February 2016 18:34
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Dear MP’s,

The following is a similar letter that I recently sent to David Cameron, but as expected have not had a reply. But who knows perhaps he agrees with everything I said. Just consider the fact that if few stay in the EU we are going to lose virtually everything that is British, including approximately £50 odd millions per day just to belong to an illegal regime.

The letter reads as follows and I respectfully ask you to pass it on far and wide throughout both chambers of Parliament.

Dear Mr. Cameron,

To say I am scared, frightened, and apprehensive as millions of my countrymen are would be an understatement if we were to stay in the EU, because by doing so we the people are going to lose our identity, country, and be sucked into a foreign country, and I beg, and plead with you to take us out of such a monstrosity which will do us more harm than good.


I am in the twilight years of my life, was born in this country which I love, worked here and paid my taxes all of my working life, so that you can give away £50,000,000.00 to a foreign power namely the EU on a daily basis when that money could well go to ailing businesses and organizations in this country. I.e. The National Health, Police, Local Councils, The Military etc.


We want our country back, we want to make our own laws, keep our way of life, our culture, our heritage protect our borders, and above all be governed by the government that we have voted, and not some foreign institution that we have not voted for, who make our laws, are unelected, and refuse to keep accounts of their expenditure etc.


When that traitor Ted Heath took us into the so called Common Market it was illegal, and supposedly just to be a trading agreement, and nothing about a Maastricht or Lisbon Treaty, which the people of this country was never, ever given a chance to vote on.


I hope and pray that when it is time to vote on the referendum, it will be a fair vote with nothing rigged or out of order, and that it is only those persons holding a current UK passport will be able to vote, and that every vote is strictly scrutinized.


For over 800 years, we in this country have lived and abided by the rules of the Magna Carta which we have had no problems with, so why should we have to change now? In point of fact we are technically not in the EU because our entry into it was not legal in the first place, and by not recognizing this fact you and your government, and governments before you are committing Treason. If you do not believe this is the case, then I respectfully suggest that you contact or read the book by Albert Burgess (a foremost authority on English Law) from Thame in Oxford shire.


There have been talk of allowing Turkey to join the EU, and as you and everybody else in this nation knows, Turkey is in Asia and not in Europe. Does this not concern you? If this is allowed to happen then eventually the rest of the world will be sucked in and then we will become a one world government.


I guess David that you are an Englishman, so why are you hell bent in giving her away, don’t you respect the fact that countless millions of lives were lost by brave men fighting for her survival, for you and me to live in a land safe and free, and bring up or children and grandchildren in a safe environment. It seems that they have DIED FOR NOTHING. Does it not make you annoyed and angry to see our country’s leaders and past leaders and various dignitaries parading down Whitehall to the Cenotaph on remembrance Sunday to lay

Wreaths in remembrance of those who died to keep us safe, and now these leaders are trying to destroy what our forefathers, fought for. I would suggest that they could be called hypocrites or traitors.


This fiasco that we are about to encounter must be adequately debated by all members of Parliament and also live on our television channels at Prime Time for a period of weeks rather than just a few hours, and then perhaps it will explain to all of those in this country that were not born before our entry, what it is all about.


You are suggesting with other leaders of the EU that personnel from other European countries that come here to work may get more family allowances to send home (than what our British families receive. In point of fact and who have probably paid more in taxes etc). than their European counterparts, to receive less benefits. Come on David what are you thinking about? Be sensible please.




You are to double aid spending on refugees fleeing Syria and pledge and extra £1.2billion in support in a bid to give hope to those leaving the country. What about spending that money on the under privileged people in this country. Where does your priorities lay? Maybe you should wait and see how many other countries who have pledge financial support keep their word.

We are hearing and reading about the muggings, rapes and burglaries that are being carried out in Germany, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway by marauding gangs of refugees which have been allowed to come into these countries, so David does this not set bells ringing in your head.


I have recently read, and I have no doubt that it is probably true that the Government are flying in 50,000 Syrian refugees, probably via the RAF into Brize Norton. Some of the Syrian families are being housed by Wiltshire County Council.  Apparently the whole thing is SECRET, the location of arrival is secret (to prevent protests I guess.) and I would further guess where these people are going to is secret.  My understanding is that as a nation we had agreed to take 20,000, but from what I have read, there is an insistence that the number is 50,000 that are coming in, they are coming in from refugee camps.”


I hope against hope that you will see reason, and listen to people like John Redwood, Liam Fox, and people like them, WHO THINK THAT YOU ARE WRONG and then you will  stand up in Parliament and say “I am an Englishman, I was born here in this land where dreams can happen, I am proud of my heritage and I will pledge to try my very best to keep her strong and free and pass on the message to the people that we do not want to stay in Europe, and that WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. Do it and think of your own children, and unborn grandchildren, (and let them live in the land of the free) and be remembered by the people of this great nation, that here was a Prime Minister who had the guts and determination to do the right thing for his country, something which no other Prime Minister has had since the early seventies. Winston Churchill was our saviour in the forties, so come on David, do the right thing and be remembered for the Prime Minister that saved us before you leave office.

 We do not want our country lost forever





M.C.(Name and address supplied)

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