Has Democracy Died with David Cameron?.

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Has Democracy Died with David Cameron?.
« on: February 17, 2016, 10:41:56 AM »
 I had this published in our local free paper the Heathrow Villager   [email protected]  which claims 120,000 readers in towns  all round Heathrow Airport.   Pass it on if you wish.   regards Terry


   Dear Sir.


 Yesterday all our troubles seemed so far away --  Now it looks as though they are here to stay --- How we long for Yesterday!


D> D >C .  .... Has  Democracy Died with  David Cameron?.


  The Referendum on Leaving the E U  should and MUST be a fair presentation of the facts agreed by both sides and funded and represented  equally  for both sides for the public, not politicians, to vote on.   This is the way democracy should work !!! But does it??   No  I am afraid not often!


    It becomes clearer every day that our politicians, who are supposed to represent us,   do not do so.  Many  of our M Ps will follow David Cameron's  promises of promotions and job security  and vote to stay the" IN " the E U  as he tells them to do.   Those  M Ps who do not follow his ideas  and want to be  "OUT of the E U"   will be castigated.


Just look at all the problems in the E U nations  that exist now and we begin to fear  for our safety and culture and freedom   These and much more are all at risk and are likely to get worse unless we take back control of all we hold dear.

 WE need to deport criminals surely! Why do their Human Rights exceed OURS?




 The the stay" IN E U" group  will be funded without limit and allowed to speak freely from now.   Then those who  have seen the dangers of the E U collapsing financially and morally, with the attacks on women in E U  Cities  and cultural losses ,  are muzzled  until Mr. Cameron's quest is over and even  then they will be  deprived of equal funding and equality of representation.


     Showing how costly Migrants are   to our welfare system David Cameron wants to cut this huge cost but is unlikely to succeed .Far from allowing David Cameron to cut  benefits for migrants   by reducing  them for 4 years the E U is already ORDERING us to take more immigrants in numbers of their choosing. .  If they do this now will we have no say in the  vast  numbers they will force upon us  if we commit to joining the E U when we will  be giving them total control of our finances and every other aspect of our lives.     Goodbye Freedom and wealth. 


. It is probable that any concessions now obtained by Mr Cameron will be short lived because if we are taken into the E U Federal State we will have to obey all  the E U rules. 

  IF WE JOIN THE E U , THEN IN 2020 BRITAIN, with all other states  of this federal union, will have to have the common currency of the EURO .  Who can forget that  KEEPING the POUND STERLING has been so  beneficial to us.   Financial losses will occur with  the change to the Euro..   So Goodbye Pounds Sterling!! 


  Germany preserves its Coal and Steel and the jobs they provide while we have No Coal and No Steel   and fewer jobs. There is little else left that is ours.!   


  The attacks on women by large numbers of men who treat women as unequal and fair game must put fear into all our thoughts.  After our ladies fought so hard  in the 1900s for the vote and equality with men, which has enriched our society so much ,  it is  now suggested they  must modify their actions and dress to appease the attackers.    Goodbye Freedom for  Ladies.


  The vast numbers of migrants both refugees, who need   help if sheer numbers do not preclude such help, and economic migrants will continue to strain all infrastructure in this country and many  in Europe.  Stupid action by  German Chancellor  Mrs Merkel  creating more unsustainable migration and peace has resulted  in  re established  border controls in many once open border Schengen controlled continental countries.     Shutting the stable door after the  Trojan Horse has entered. one would say.     In accordance with E U rules why do we not return all migrants arriving from France  to France which is a safe country within the Schengen Group whilst the U K is not part of Schengen..


 The destabilisation of parts of Africa and the Middle East by all politicians since and including  Blair has resulted in  destabilising the whole of Europe. This destabilisation could get worse and may   well  last an eternity unless our politicians act now for the Security of Our  Nation which is their prime duty.


  Can  we even consider surrendering control of Our Nation to a  destabilised E U  when control of our own destiny will at least give us a fighting chance as it did in two world wars. We really  do  seem to have  the prospect  of a new war to fight now,.


 The future of this country does not  ,and should never, rest with with politicians  who should but do not represent  those who elect them.    Rather OUR  people should be FREE and INDEPENDENT  to pursue the cultures of our heritage achieved by defending our country against aggression from foreigners    THis valued freedom and independence was PAID FOR  BY COUNTLESS LIVES OF OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN 2 WORLD WARS.

 We must never become slaves by surrendering our  wonderful heritage to foreign forces and cultures.



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