One World Order

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One World Order
« on: August 16, 2012, 09:55:23 AM »
One World Order Socialist Dictatorship
 ? Dr. John Coleman

Communism did not force an end to school prayers.Communism did not promote the falsehood of "separation of church and state." Communism did not give America aSupreme Court packed with justices bound and determined toundermine the Constitution of the United States. Communismdid not send our soldiers to fight an illegal war in the Gulf toprotect the interests of the British crown.
Yet, for all these years, while our attention was focused onthe evils of Communism in Moscow, the Socialists inWashington were busy stealing America! "One World Order:Socialistic Dictatorship" tells how this was, and is, beingaccomplished.
Please read the book and comment here or on the main site.
One World Order Socialist Dictatorship ? Dr. John Coleman

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