Blair Faith Foundation - how- religion/migration- undermine the traditional

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Blair Faith Foundation - how... religion/migration... undermine the traditional nation state?‏

consider   the   permeability   of national   boundaries   and   how   migration     has   facilitated   this   process.   In considering  this,  it  might  be  helpful  to  deconstruct  identity  How  do  we  develop  identity,  how is national 

identity   constructed, how do transnational identities, such as religion, undermine the traditional nation state?

We as parliamentarians have a crucial role to play in securing ratification of these conventions and passing them into national law. Parliamentarians who appeal to xenophobic sentiments often do so because they think they reflect the sentiments of their electorate.  Jeremy Corbyn. IPU 2007.

Snouts in the trough, undermining Nation States.

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