Gas Leak

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Gas Leak
« on: February 29, 2016, 06:51:10 PM »
Hello everyone,
Someone sent me this story:

It may be an exaggeration of this one:

Which is bad enough!

Imagine; they are storing gas in underground Caverns in an earthquake zone!  Are they mad?  Apparently!

And haven’t they heard of Bayou Corne?  (Which, fortunately, isn't in an earthquake zone.)

That disaster isn’t over yet, and may never be fixed.  Just comprehend the size of the sink hole!

Oh; and our wonderful government here in the U.K. is going to give us fracking, which foolish enterprise has already caused earth tremors here.

So maybe the insert pipe at the gas storage site in California cracked because the rocks are moving.  Can the authorities tell the difference between a leak of natural gas from a storage cavern and gas being squeezed out of the rocks by tectonic forces?  Does it really matter which is which?  Can’t either ignite?

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