Letter to Mr Colville MP(One of the Remainers)

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Letter to Mr Colville MP(One of the Remainers)
« on: February 29, 2016, 07:08:30 PM »
Dear Mr Colvile.

                            I am not a constituent. but noticed from a person who is a constituent your statement as to why you intend to vote to remain in the EU.

Many who read this will not know whether to laugh or cry as there is so much evidence of ignorance or naïve acceptance of what has been 'negotiated' by Mr Cameron.

You say: " now is not the time to throw away the good progress that our Prime Minister has made in reforming the EU."

Progress?  What progress? Please explain what in the EU has been "reformed"?    Are you not aware that not a single power of governance at present in EU hands was either negotiated and therefore not returned to the UK where they belong as a result of these negotiations?

 You say:  " I am pleased that we have managed to secure an opt-out from being dragged into ‘ever closer union’ with the 27 other member states of the EU."    But you should know that is emphatically NOT the case.  'Ever closer union is brought about in practical  terms daily by the imposition on the UK people of EU laws and directives IN UNION with all other member states.  What is a "rule" for one is made a rule for all in ever closer union.

  In any event, like the other tiny requests dropped into Mr Cameron's begging bowl, many EU states as well as some British politicians know full well that these are not binding, and can and will be challenged as such by the European Court of Justice, for the simple reason that these are not in the EU treaty (TEU) or ratified by national parliaments where they could be rejected or amended.   Likewise to so called EU "parliament".  Perhaps you should take more notice of the principled statement made by your colleague Mr Gove who does understand the issues involved.

You say: "However, I am still very keen for further reforms of the EU, including bringing back UK fishing waters back under UK control and this is something that I will continue to campaign on."

But that is naïve in the extreme.  Return of British fishing rights stolen by the CFP was not asked for by Mr Cameron, and what you do not ask for you do not get!  You will therefore be wasting your time and effort in pursuing this particular will-o-the-wisp.   The status quo remains, as will the sorry plight of fishing communities in the UK which suffer from the arbitrary and punitive CFP policy imposed by the EU.  Do you not understand that?


You say: "I believe that the Prime Minister’s deal will go a long way to bringing back Britain’s sovereignty and reducing migration to the UK."

 Really?  Again, such astonishing naivety.  Where is the evidence for either of these outrageous claims?

I do hope your local electorate see through such  absurd nonsense and send you packing at the first opportunity.


Graham Wood

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