We require Parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Ted Heath-accepted !

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On 2 Mar 2016, at 15:52, john TIMBRELL

The Short bit. This is very important because it exposes the government corruption.
                           Please get every member of your family to sign,



  Dear john timbrell,
 We published the petition you created – “we require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath”
Click this link to see your petition and start sharing it:
 The Petitions team
 UK Government and Parliament
The long bit. Before prime minister Edward Heath took us into the then common market he asked the top law officer if it would be illegal to sign the treaty. The reply he received stated that it was illegal to give away our sovereignty (control) to another state unless we had been defeated in a war. You can read the letter here
This letter was kept hidden for 30 years by which time more treaties were signed and the so called common market became the EU.
The government has stopped the media discussing this because it would expose the government's  (all governments) cover up and deceit.
If 100,000 people sign the government may debate it, probably not in the circumstances. However your vote will not be wasted if the media will discuss this as they surely will be allowed to do now it is on the parliament petition site.
There has been so much misinformation on both sides of the Brexit argument. The letter is indisputable proof that your government has lied to you. They have even stopped Farage discussing this. Please sign and get others to do so. Thanks from John.   

  Congratulations John on getting your petition accepted,please folks post this far and wide

Annette.  Excellent news and of course every effort will be made to circulate as widely as possible.

I don't wish to split hairs, but included in the EC group's comment on the unlawfulness  of the original Treaty of Rome, and subsequent treaties is not only the B of R and other Constitutional statutes, but specifically and equally important the Coronation Oath sworn by HMQ, and actually incorporated into an Act - the Coronation Oath Act, to ensure constitutional protection for us and our peoples for time indefinite, unless and until expressly repealed by parliament  (not impliedly repealed) .

To get a real boost for circulation why not put this to Leave.EU who have signed up about 610,000 registered supporters!  Couldn't ask for a better 'breeding ground'



Dear Annette and all

This letter proves that Ted Heath acted illegally in taking us into the EEC in 1973. Is this a case then that the treaty he signed was invalid and that our total membership of the EEC/EU is, and always has been, illegal under International law? In this case I suggest that the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Lib Dem Party are all guilty of perpetuating an illegal act and are therefore all liable to be prosecuted in the British courts. They should in the first instance all be liable to pay back to the country the vast billions that EEC/EU membership has cost the UK taxpayers over the last 40 years. Is there any way we can get this going? Perhaps there are law firms which practice no win no fee we can use (joke!).


 Are people aware Hungary have kicked out the rothchilds bankers!!



 OK - wait till this petition bombshell hits the fan and the people (I mean the indigenous people obviously) realise the illegality that we have all been labouring under since Heath's treason with the connivance of Parliament and the Police who have been instructed many, many times that treason has been committed and they have simply carried on as though none of their business.
More rope - more lampposts
Make sure this Petition is spread to all of your exchange lists and let's finally get this into the open where it belongs. We shan't need a Referendum - the people will demand an end to ECA1972 without the need to compound the treason with a referendum. Sovereignty will be ours once again.
Nick C

Goodd evening,

Sounds great excellent news :)

I'm just preparing notices to the Queen, crown corporation, lord Chief Justice and others. In regard to total self determination, removing all government bodies from any assumed jurisdiction.

The final push against their corruption.

All the best,

letter can be viewed here.

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