All you M.P.'s should consider this

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All you M.P.'s should consider this
« on: March 07, 2016, 10:44:46 PM »
We can expect more pressure to stay in (Sent to all the remainers)



As the EU referendum approaches we can expect more and more pressure to stay in the EU, as has happened to other nations who had referendums in the past.

Netherlands, France, and Ireland all voted NO, and were then forced to vote again, because they gave the wrong answer!

Does this seem like democracy to you?

Between the dishonest referendum in 1975 and the end of 2015, the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, imposed 40,000 Acts, 1,500 court orders, and 62,000 International Standards under their one size fits all policy, taking up three quarters of our parliament’s business time, with only one quarter devoted to UK matters.


Time to realise how much sovereignty, and ability to govern ourselves our parliament has handed to the EU, and that if the vote is to stay in this totalitarian regime with it’s micromanagement and red tape, we will lose England as a recognised country.

It has been divided into 12 regions by the EU, comprising Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London and eight geographical regions!

NO MORE ENGLAND, no more flag of St George. Our children and grandchildren will not have a country to call their own, just a region with an EU flag.


We have no real influence in the EU, as David Cameron has so ably demonstrated lately.


Our politicians who are advocating staying in the EU, may not fully understand that they will be turkeys voting for Christmas, because err too long they will be redundant as Brussels takes complete control through the Committee for the Regions.


June 23rd will be our Independence Day, time to take back control AND OUR SOVEREIGNTY THAT WAS SO WILFULLY, SOME SAY TREASONOUSLY, GIVEN AWAY BY HEATH, and if we don’t make it so, we will without doubt regret it. AND SO WILL OUR CHILDREN. NOT A LEGACY TO BE PROUD OF.


Forget all about any other nonsense the one and ONLY issue is OUR SOVEREIGNTY.





 Nick C.

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