The " Trump Phenomenom"

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The " Trump Phenomenom"
« on: March 19, 2016, 08:34:09 PM »

Honesty, treated as a friend, not an artful legal concept of convenience.  You'll like this.


Again, this man puts it so correctly and accurately!  Best video this year! 5.05 mins.


Oddly, this below appears to have come to me, via an American link!  I'm glad they have the chance to enjoy Pat Condell....and all his other similar videos! We know him well in England - for the record, Pat is a retired teacher and also was a stand-up comedian at one stage!  Long gone, now! Brave man, to speak out like this!


Like myself and others, Pat has constantly warned of the dangers of Islam and Muslims - but it still takes bombs in Paris and aggression on a large scale in London and many other places across Europe, to bring world attention to the Muslim twisted cultures and beliefs!

The Trump Phenomenon


Fellow Americans - with this 5 minute piece, the value of You-Tube is crystal clear.


Listen to this man. How would we have ever known about him and his opinions. He’s nailed it!!!


He brilliantly articulates the “Trump Phenomenon”. I have simply not seen it better explained anywhere.


Our nation is on the brink. Only God knows of what…. It is bad that many Americans and our News Media are so ignorant and dishonest they fail to understand why 'Trump'' is so popular ....! It takes a 'Brit' to explain why ...


Open this link and listen to what this Brit has to say  !!  It is an eye opener !!!

We Want The Truth - YouTube



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