Edward Heath's treason

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Edward Heath's treason
« on: March 25, 2016, 12:31:32 PM »
This was printed in my local free paper. They depend on their letters column because they do not have reporters to get news. Tindle newspapers have titles all over the country. Since my letter was published on Wednesday 10 people have signed in the Forest of Dean. If you wish to remain anonymous the Editor will still require your address.

Nick Chance suggests putting the petition link on as many blogs as you can. If you do blog please explain why the petition title is anodyne "because the petitions committee would not accept anything stronger.

The general theme of your letters in the Review about the  in out Brexit vote is that people are confused.
There is one item of absolute indisputable truth which you almost certainly will not know about.

Lord Kilmuir the top law officer told the prime minister Edward Heath that signing the treaty of Rome (the first treaty), would be illegal. This is what you don't know and even UKIP are barred from discussing it.

The parliament petition site has accepted my petition "we require parliament to debate Lord Kilmuir's letter to Edward Heath".

Of course they will not but if enough people sign it will force UKIP to come clean and be honest about the illegal treaties. Voting yes or no will not make any difference because as Cameron has said he will use the Lisbon treaty to leave. So we will stay in. The Lisbon treaty is subject to qualified majority voting. Can you see them allowing us to leave? I can't. You were conned before and you will continue to be conned. Please read the link on the petition site where you can read Lord Kilmuir's letter for yourself.


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