A glimpse into your future

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A glimpse into your future
« on: March 31, 2016, 11:58:47 AM »
I have an attribute that I can see into the future. Not in a spooky way but I see things in the present somewhat differently to others, which to me forecast events which often subsequently happen. This is not a pleasant attribute because seeing into the future, and knowing of the inevitable harm to come but being unable to do something about it, causes me some sadness.

All my life I hear people saying that this or that is the start of the end of our society and as events have shown we are still here.

Now I do think that the end is nigh. The establishment is worried that they are losing control and are arming themselves with legislation to silence opposition. They have already armed themselves by putting malleable people into positions of control. This forthcoming referendum is a diversion. In or out, it doesn't matter. The Lisbon treaty will ensure that we stay in. The populace will forget the referendum and go back to what entertains them. In the meantime the "extremists" , those who speak against the government will be silenced by using the extremism bill which will soon become law.

This silencing of extremists is already happening with Britain First activists being arrested for relatively minor offences and then given a court date far into the future with bail conditions so onerous that they are silenced.

If one is a real danger then one will be arrested on trumped up charges and again given a court date way into the future, but no bail is given. Peter Hofschroer has been in prison for a long time. Recently when his trial date arrived the court put the case back until July.

This is why Nick Chance and I started the petition. It is an attempt to enable the eurosceptic media and people like Farage and Tebbit and Carswell to speak the truth about the illegal treaties with the EU.

My attempt will probably fail but I will not give up until the June Referendum date.

I have successfully got my local press to publish the petition and informed all the alternative media I can get hold of. I have also written to over 100 Conservative associations because Cameron states that they are against his policy of staying in. What I find rather sad is that that many of those who know the true position take very little action to boost the petition to the needed 100,000 figure. The government will then be forced to comment which should free up those previously silenced, particularly if some of the 100,000 start asking embarrassing questions of people like Farage and Tebitt.

I do take heart from the likes of the peoples of Iceland and Greenland who effectively have neutered the criminals in their society. Is it possible that our relatively small country could do the same? I doubt it, but I will continue until June to use the time to alert as many as possible to the danger that they and their children are in. Sincerely John T.

P.S. Would it really upset your schedule to take a little time out and cut and paste this on your Facebook page or circulate it to friends. If you do please ask them to get friends and family to sign and also post on facebook.



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