How's this for treachery? Germans and Tata Steel

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How's this for treachery? Germans and Tata Steel
« on: April 03, 2016, 10:08:14 PM »
How's this for treachery? Germans and Tata Steel. Tell me Cameron & Osborne don't know.

 Tata Steel is said to be in advanced round of talks with Germany's ThyssenKrupp with regards to combining the European steel operations of both the companies. Rheinische Post, a German regional daily newspaper, reported on 1 April that while the Indian company was close to buying a stake in Thyssenkrupp's Steel Europe, the two companies were still discussing various combination possibilities.

The Krupp family business, already an early global player in the burgeoning industrial era, then also benefited from weapons manufacturing. The company was a key supplier of gun and mortar shells, as well as cannons, as early as the Franco-Prussian War of 1871. Much of Germany's military superiority was due to Krupp's steel cannons, earning Alfred the dubious nickname of "Krupp, the cannon king."

During World War II, Krupp industries were also major weapons suppliers to the Nazis, a fact that has tarnished the family name ever since. The wars gave Krupp steel an ideological overtone that made it more than just a key industrial material - associating it with death and destruction.

Steel wheels and weaponry brought the Krupp family enormous growth, expanding the company from four employees, when it was founded to 75,000 when Alfred Krupp died in 1887. More than 20,000 of these were in Essen.

Here’s a press release from Nigel Farage back in 2010 warning of the first Indian scam:

Corus’ steelworks at Redcar, near Middlesborough, “Teesside Cast Products”, is to be closed (“mothballed” is the euphemism). It is Britain’s last great steelworks and an essential national resource. Without it, we are at the world’s mercy.

Corus is owned by Tata Steel of India. Recently, Tata received “EU-carbon-credits” worth up to £1bn, ostensibly so that steel-production at Redcar would not be crippled by the EU’s “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.

By closing the plant at Redcar – and not making any “carbon-emissions” – Tata walks off with £1bn of taxpayers’ money, which it will invest in its steel-factories in India, where there is no “carbon-emissions-trading-scheme”.

There’s more. The EU’s “emissions-trading-scheme” (ETS) is modelled on instructions from the “International Panel on Climate-Change” (IPCC) of the United Nations Organisation.

The Chairman of the IPCC is one Dr Rajendra K.Pachauri, a former railway-engineer, who obtained this post by virtue of his being Chairman of the “Tata Energy-Research Institute” – set up by Tata Steel."

UKIP’s leader in the EU’s “parliament”, Nigel Farage, revealed this data in a speech at Strasbourg, on 10th February 2010, and was due to appear in the BBC’s “Question-Time” programme, from Middlesborough, on 18th February, where the closure of the Redcar-plant was inevitably discussed.

Almost at the last minute, his invitation to join the “Question-Time” panel was cancelled, without explanation.

Today, an article, on the subject, by Neil Hamilton, which was due to appear in this week’s Sunday Express, has also been “pulled”.

These Indian guys are smart. Certainly much smarter than our useless rulers with their blind belief in the false god of global warming.

That’s why these Indian guys are multi-billionaires while Britain goes bankrupt with its ever-increasing debt mountain and the destruction of all our basic industries.

Yup, we just got shafted again!

John Ph.







The Americans and the Canadians in an act of protection for their steel industry have applied a 250% import levy on imported steel.  (That's right 250%)

We of course can't do that because of the EU REGULATIONS.......

The sooner we are out of this ridiculous straight jacket the better.



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