Russian analyst Nilolai Starikov explains Europe's refugee crisis

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Russian analyst Nilolai Starikov explains Europe's refugee crisis (you tube) sent by R Theobald

10/04/2016 23:08


Our thanks to R Theobold in the UK for this.

If the West had enough prominent geopolitical analysts like this guy in their media, the entire Establishment would crumble! Please read the subtitles. Starikov's theory makes perfect sense. In fact it is the default explanation for why Europe would destroy itself. The Washington Establishment ordered it and no one defies them and gets away with it. (Look what they just did to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin).
I saw during this chat a book cover on the screen clearly suggesting that the US's wars are fought not for oil, as many US theorists like to say, but to prop up the dollar. This matches my analysis as presented here: http:​//www.​renewamerica.​com/columns/hank/150314​. I wrote this over a year ago and have never had anyone dispute the theory. And yet none of the msm heavyweights or blogosphere leaders have dared to take up this subject.

So why would a Russian analyst and a no-name blogger with not so much as a "Donate" button on his site both come up with the same theory?


The Russian is not censored by his government, and

The American is not writing for money and doesn't have to care about being censored. He's just going to keep saying it until the general public catches on and the shadow government has nowhere to hide. It doesn't matter how long it takes. The truth will out.

If enough of us become aware of the dirty tricks being played in Washington, the wizard behind the curtain will fall. It's up to you to forward or keep cherishing your chains.

Don Hank

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Nikolai Starikov explains Europe's refugee crisis - Duration: 19:03.

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