Rally Everybody,RALLY !

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Rally Everybody,RALLY !
« on: April 12, 2016, 10:33:37 PM »

As much as I admire UKIP for getting off their arses (finally) and doing street desks, the trouble many Brexit potential activists have with this is that the UKIP literature is emblazoned with their mauve and yellow. THIS IS NOT WHAT IS REQUIRED. And UKIP should stop pinning their political colours to this - it is harming our BREXIT cause which needs to be far more unified and far less fractionated.

This is not a political party cause at all and UKIP should lie low whilst this campaign is going on. They have done their work by getting a referendum but now it has to be left to non-party patriots to finish the job. I would welcome ALL UKIP people but not in their party colours. [Unlike Farage I welcome BNP members old and new as well in this fight for our very lives.]


We need EVERYONE to do street desks and the colours must therefore be non-political. We need literature to do street desk here and tell everyone of the real facts that are going on. But I, for one, cannot and will not use UKIP-party stuff or any other political party stuff. The question of SOVEREIGNTY is far too important to be reduced to the level of political knock-about, and TRANSCENDS ALL other issues to the absolute exclusion of everything else.


So if anyone can furnish me with non-party BREXIT leaflets to get us out of this marxist EU, I would be very grateful so we can start to get street desks to be opened up every day in every place. Put them up in hospital car parks, MP's gardens, outside trade union headquarters,  outside police stations, outside every radio station, outside every newspaper office, every high street, every Commerce Office, every factory, everywhere.


We have not much time and I have grown very frustrated with the Brexit leaders allowing the REMAIN group to make the running every day. Admittedly it is difficult when they have the BBC trumpeting all of their nonsense but we should be countering  this with claims of EU money being used by the BBC and how this runs counter to their charter. It's not only Cameron that is breaking the rulles!!


Let's take this street desk initiative away from political parties and make it non-party political. We should have street desks in every town, city and village every day until Jun23rd. Every day we should be countering the REMAIN propaganda nonsense.

Please forward this to everyone you know, home and abroad, on all anti-EU exchanges. I have sent this to Australia so that they can inform their friends and relatives in the UK. There is no reason why this shouldn't get to everyone in the country

Nick C.

There is a Grassroots OUT –Go Group operating from offices in Bristol and they are the organisation representing all the political parties, including UKIP and it has been mentioned on the UKIP website for some time now.  If you ring their office, I am sure they will provide the material that you require.


Nigel has always said, the Referendum is about “Who Governs Britain” and should be above party politics and the reason he will join any other group, whatever their colour, to vote to come OUT.  I don’t think UKIP’s approach could be fairer.


Elizabeth C-H.


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