Government's EU mailshot and allegation of major crime

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Government's EU mailshot and allegation of major crime
« on: April 15, 2016, 10:17:17 AM »
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe                                                               
New Scotland Yard                                                                           
10 Broadway                                                                               
Ref: Government's EU mailshot
and allegation of major crime               
David Cameron is spending £9,000 000 on a mailshot to persuade the British public that the EU is beneficial to us as a country. This mailshot is an attempt to frighten the general public into voting to stay in the European super state. Our membership of the EU is contrary to this ancient kingdom's common and constitutional law.
The EU has so far cost us most of our ability to produce the goods we need and the nation’s ability to feed itself, by its draconian and entirely contrary to common sense regulations, which has cost us the best part of our milk producing industry, and stopped our farmers growing, making us dependent on other countries for essential foods.
The loss of our fishing grounds has decimated our fishing industry so that the bulk of fish caught in our waters we have to buy back from the EU.
Add to that the amount of tax payers' money given to the EU for no benefit to our infrastructure. Our roads are falling apart, our hospitals are starved of cash, causing the deaths of Her Majesty’s subjects. The cuts to policing you will be all too familiar with. The resultant loss of efficiency in the police service and a loss of the ability of the police to effectively police this kingdom's streets allowing whether you admit it or not, no go areas, even for our police.
The information in this mailshot is demonstrably untrue and is known to be untrue by government, who for the most part are a collection of overgrown school boys with too much money and not enough brain.
To so destroy our ability to feed our population, making us dependent on other countries for our food, is a definition of treason.
To so destroy our industrial base so we are no longer able to produce the goods the kingdom needs to function properly - this is a definition of treason.
To so degrade the kingdom's armed forces to such an extent they are no longer able to defend the kingdom, is a definition of treason.
Since this kingdom was taken treasonably by Edward Heath's government into the EEC, knowing they were surrendering this Kingdom to domination of a foreign power, their actions were contrary to the 1559 Act of Supremacy,  the 1689 Bill of Rights, the Custom of England to govern ourselves and English Common Law.
                                                          The leaflet
Page 1
The assertions made on this page are a straight lie. Various European leaders have said David Cameron will not get his demands.
Page 3
The very first statement that the EU is our biggest trading partner with the EU buying 44% of our goods ignores completely the fact we buy more from them. It also ignores the fact 56% of our sales are outside the EU. The government's statement is meant to mislead and scare Her Majesty's subjects.
Page 5
This is pure scare tactics threatening higher prices when there is no hard evidence that will be the effect of living outside the EU.
Page 5
The only effect of leaving the EU on travel would be a greater use of passports. The cost of travel was brought down not by the EU but by the arrival of low cost airlines.
Page 5
Health care: This is not some great panacea. If you travel overseas you take out travel insurance which covers any medical bills. This is another scare tactic.
Page 7
Another scare tactic: leaving the EU will create years of uncertainty. There is not one shred of evidence to support this statement. What it will do is ensure our fishing grounds come back, making work for our fishing industry. The RN fishery protection vessels can protect our waters from foreign fishing boats instead of harassing UK registered boats on EU orders.
No other country has managed to secure significant access to the single market is a straight lie. Other countries do have trading arrangements with the EU whilst remaining outside the EU. Norway is a case in point
Page 9
Immigration and security. This is another straight lie. Islamic immigration into the EU has resulted in a massive increase in rape and sexual assault across the mainland EU. The European police forces are having to deal with massive civil unrest from Islamic immigrants. This has resulted in the police losing control of parts of their own cities with a resultant increase in the indigenous population reacting noisily and in many cases, violently. If this leaflet goes unchallenged this is what government will bring into this kingdom.
Page 11
This page is total bilge. It is designed to give a feel good factor to mislead Her Majesty's subjects.
Page 13 is again using the scare factor re job protection. Every page of this leaflet constitutes a clear false instrument.
I am submitting a formal allegation against David Cameron, Her Majesty's Prime Minister, as the Minister responsible for this leaflet of issuing a false instrument contrary to  sec 1 of the 1981 counterfeiting and Forgery Act and sec 8 of the above act.
As Her Majesty's Prime Minister, David Cameron is in a position of trust. He is responsible to Her Majesty and her Majesty's subjects for the proper dispersement of the monies raised by taxes. I am making a formal allegation of fraudulent misappropriation of £9,000 000 of tax payers' money to pay for the issue of a false instrument by abuse of his position contrary to sec 4 of the 2006 Fraud Act. I exhibit a copy of the leaflet as exhibit AB1
I require a major crime book number in relation to the above allegations.
Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

As a retired Police Officer who used to teach the Law I agree with everything Albert Says. I am sending my leaflet of lies back, page by page, one envelope for each lie to Joanna George, Freepost  RSBB-XRZT-ZTXE,  The Conservative Party Foundation 30 Millbank, London SW1P 4DP.

One envelope for each Lie.  If we all do the same the pro EU Conservatives may change sides.. We should include a note saying we will all gang up to defeat pro EU MPs at the next election so that we can get a government that will take us straight out of the EU, No Talks, no Referendum, JUST LEAVE. The Referendum is just the first Battle, If we lose it the War will go on.

Please forward

Tom Butcher

Former Conservative County and Borough Councillor & VC for Recruitment and Fund Raising

Conservatives against the EU

Vote Leave
Annette I don’t think that it will be beaten this time, as people are not aware of the deceptions that this government is putting out, they expect deception from the left but not the right.   Unfortunately it would appear that too many from the left have gained foot holds in right wing governments in most western countries…  our new right wing PM who was put in by his party and not the people is so left that he is more left than the left wing party.. all his business contacts were hard core left ex labor leaders and families..

One article said… "The EU have gained a great hold visionary leaders who inspired the creation of the European Union we live in today.

Without their energy and motivation we would not be living in the sphere of peace and stability that we take for granted. From resistance fighters to lawyers, the founding fathers were a diverse group of people who held the same ideals: a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe."

Yea, peace my toe… Europe now lives in hell created because of them.



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