Farage calls out the IMF - It's only protecting its own as it always does

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Farage calls out the IMF - It's only protecting its own as it always does  - Apr 12, 2016


The international financial institution that admitted that it broke all its financial rules to back up the failing Euro project has announced that the prospect of the UK Leaving the EU is so troubling to its ideas that the entire global economy could be troubled.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "The IMF has been hijacked by the architects of the failing EU project, so of course they want the UK to remain.

"This is all about the big banks and the establishment protecting their interests within a cosy EU cartel that looks after multi-national corporations and dismisses the democratic wishes of the average man, woman or small and medium sized business.

"The IMF was wrong when it supported the Euro, wrong when it failed to predict the global recession and is wrong now it is trying to scare the British people.

"The best way for the UK to protect its economic interests is by taking back control from Brussels, cutting burdensome EU red tape and start trading with the wider world - all things the EU bans us from doing as a member of their undemocratic and diminishing club."

"The IMF in its own projections has the UK growing faster than the Eurozone and Germany individually in both 2016 and 2017 yet still tries to pour the cold water of fear onto the legitimate hopes of a nation. Hopes that we can run our country and economy and country to the benefit of the people who live here, rather than the bureaucrats and technicians of international institutions like the IMF and the European Union."


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