The Phoney War is Over. The Battle for Brexit Begins

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The Phoney War is Over. The Battle for Brexit Begins
« on: April 23, 2016, 08:31:28 PM »

22nd April 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Phoney War is Over. The Battle for Brexit Begins

Today the Prime Minister is engaging in his latest stitch up. He has begged US President Barrack Obama to come to the UK to pledge his support for the UK remaining in the EU. This is no doubt in return for Mr Cameron supporting the dreadful Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). As we have pointed out in an article for The Commentator, the European Parliament Magazine and Sputnik News today, Obama will make the case to remain in the EU because he wants the UK to be a spy in the EU camp. He has ignored the undemocratic nature of the EU, which is in sharp contrast to America’s Declaration of Independence. Even worse he has given up on the ‘hope’ message which got him elected in the first place. “We the ‘Brexiteers’ are the new champions of hope. We are the ones providing the positive alternative in contrast to ‘project fear’.”(Time for Britain’s own Declaration of Independence) (Obama slammed for Brexit comments) (Pro-Brexit Group Hopes Obama’s Influence Will Not Effect Referendum)
Our turncoat Foreign Secretary combined with the Prime Minister and others involved in the Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign have recently been making false claims about UK security being diminished when we leave the EU. We recently wrote an article on Huffington Post dispelling these myths, pointing out the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove supports Brexit. He argues lax border control and a generous human rights regime for terrorists is making Britain less secure. We argued our intelligence services depend on the Five Eyes alliance, not the EU, and the European Arrest Warrant requires radical reform. Peace in Europe is a result of NATO - amongst others - certainly not the EU. “Britain has the best security services in the world. Many have tried to invade us since 1066 and all have failed. We are the nation of Churchill, Turing, Wellington and Nelson. The EU has not kept us safe in the past - despite the ridiculous claims made.” (Britain's Future Secured by Brexit)

In response to the website InFacts pumping out story after story supporting the EU and incorrectly proclaiming their opinions as facts, we decided to give InFacts a taste of their own foul medicine by writing an article for Breitbart. “If one reads InFacts believing it is purely factual, you would be convinced the EU is a utopia, delivering the world from evil, and its collapse would result in the explosion of the sun. Where are the facts on all the negative things the EU does? Where are the facts about the removal of democratically elected Prime Ministers in Greece and Italy? Where are the facts about Jean-Claude Juncker encouraging companies to avoid tax? They don’t publish this information; they only publish their EU-love story, ignoring the facts and manipulating the truth.” (Own Goal By Pro-EU ‘In Facts’ Propaganda Team) 

The aviation industry also entered the EU debate this past fortnight, with scaremongering predictions of the end of cheap holidays and flights. This is complete and utter nonsense, as we showed in one of our recent pieces. The rules which paved the way for cheap airfares are not limited to EU Member States. Egypt, Turkey and Norway to name just a few, also have cheap airfares and are outside the EU, however they have exemptions from burdensome regulations. (Cameron’s EU Plane Crash)

We have also taken David Cameron to task on his disgraceful conduct so far in the referendum campaign. His gross dereliction of duty cannot and must not be forgotten – or forgiven. He has left Britain rudderless and floundering under the direction of George Osborne - all in order to preserve his legacy. He has struck at the principles underpinning the very heart of British democracy with his use of the Civil Service as nothing more than a campaigning tool. We cannot allow him to get away with this and permanently tarnish our democracy. (Cameron is Shutting Down Debate and Democracy to Win the EU Referendum) 
Despite the grandiose claims made by the Prime Minister, his so-called renegotiation ‘deal’ was dealt a further blow last week. The EU Parliament Vice-President Alexander Graf Lambsdorff has said MEPs are unlikely to endorse David Cameron's renegotiation ‘deal’ if Britain chooses to remain in the EU. Not only is the deal not legally binding in any true sense of the term, but the European Parliament is not going to allow it in any case. Our Campaign Director Jayne Adye commented: “This won't make a blind bit of difference, as the Great British Public saw through David Cameron's lies a long time ago”. (Senior MEPs issue stark warning in case of Brexit)
The Labour Party leader hasn’t fared much better. Last week Jeremy Corbyn completed his extraordinary conversion, from being a committed Eurosceptic to an EU cheerleader, in order to keep his party together by appealing to the Blairite faction. Jayne Adye, speaking to the Parliament Magazine commented, "Democracy is the most important gift we have. Perhaps for the moment the unelected EU Commission has brought in laws Jeremy Corbyn agrees with, but what happens when they introduce laws Corbyn doesn't support, as they have done previously. What will he do then? He won't be able to remove these laws - we will have given the power away.” (Corbyn's EU support 'completely disingenuous', say critics)

In our last e-bulletin we spoke about our petition to ‘STOP CAMERON spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets’ receiving over 150,000 signatures. This has now increased to over 216,000 signatures. We can now confirm the petition will be debated in Parliament on Monday 9th May. Obviously, we are delighted with the overwhelming public support, and we would like to thank all those who signed it. Unfortunately, the leaflets have already been delivered in England. However, it gives our friends in Parliament an opportunity to hammer the Prime Minister for his underhand tactics and chicanery, but also an opportunity to prevent his disingenuous leaflets spreading to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Many of you will have seen our petition’s extensive media coverage. The petition was the front page story in the Daily Express and was on the second page of The Sun. We only wish it could have stopped the leaflets hitting England in time, to save our hard earned taxpayers’ money. Click here to sign our petition if you haven’t done so already. (Pro-EU propaganda leaflet must be debated in Parliament)

We responded to the Treasury report on Brexit in a letter to the Evening Standard. Jayne Adye pointed out the major contradictions in the report; most notably the assumption Britain would impose import tariffs following Brexit. Jayne observed how this was rather bizarre, considering the fact in the same report the Treasury stresses the importance of low tariffs for UK goods and services! If we are to believe the report, we would have to assume the Treasury - under George Osborne - would adopt an economic policy which they themselves view as highly detrimental. This again exposes Osborne’s deliberate attempts to misguide the Great British Public over Brexit, a sentiment which has been echoed by the former Bank of England Governor Lord King.

With the official campaigning period beginning last Friday, the Electoral Commission announced the lead campaigns for both sides. We are pleased Vote Leave, with its widespread support from politicians, business as well as the grassroots, was selected from the competing Leave campaign groups.

Finally our Get Britain Out T-Shirts are still available in a variety of styles and sizes at a great price of £10 each plus p&p. Please show your support for the Leave campaign and buy them here - and wear them with pride to show you want to Get Britain Out of the EU.

You can also download a Get Britain Out campaign poster from our website to put in your doors and windows here.

The Team at Get Britain Out
P.S. It is important to spread the truth about this vital issue, so please encourage your friends and family to Sign Up to our campaign. All information remains confidential.

P.P.S We really depend upon your help, both financially and otherwise. Everything you contribute in donations goes directly towards our work to secure Brexit. Do please think about donating to our vital campaign. 




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