Complaint to Cameron with reference to EU Referendum Leaflet

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Complaint to Cameron with reference to EU Referendum Leaflet
« on: April 28, 2016, 10:07:53 AM »

Sent today 27th April recorded delivery enclosing fraudulent booklet and copy of EU Code of Practice.


Prime Minister David Cameron,                 circulated to interested parties

10 Downing Street



25th April 2016


Complaint with reference to EU Referendum Leaflet


Dear Prime Minister Cameron,

I am writing to register my disgust and disappointment that an elected

representative of the public, who has sworn an oath to serve them, would

engage in treasonous, dishonest and underhand tactics to disenfranchise

the people of their birthright, on behalf of the unelected members of the

EU Commission.


Your dishonest and blatantly scaremongering leaflet has completely

ignored EU Rules i.e. the European (Venice) Commission Strasbourg 19

March 2007 “Code of Good Practice on Referendums” full copy enclosed:

Quote: “the use of public funds for campaigning purposes must be

prohibited in order to guarantee equality of opportunity and the freedom

of voters to form an opinion. In addition, the public authorities at every

level (national, regional or local), must not engage in excessive,

one-sided campaigning, but show neutrality.”


The leaflet is demonstrably untrue and is known to be untrue by


To so destroy our ability to feed our population, making us dependent on

other countries for our food, is a definition of treason.

To so destroy our industrial base so we are no longer able to produce the

goods the kingdom needs to function properly - this is a definition of


To so degrade the kingdom's armed forces to such an extent they are no

longer able to defend the kingdom, is a definition of treason.

Since this kingdom was taken treasonably by Edward Heath's government

into the EEC, knowing they were surrendering this Kingdom to

domination of a foreign power, their actions were contrary to the 1559 Act

of Supremacy, the 1689 Bill of Rights, the Custom of England to govern

ourselves and English Common Law.


The leaflet                                                                                           P2.

Page 1

The assertions made on this page are a straight lie. Various European

leaders have said David Cameron will not get his demands.

Page 3

The very first statement that the EU is our biggest trading partner with the

EU buying 44% of our goods ignores completely the fact we buy more

from them. It also ignores the fact 56% of our sales are outside the EU.

The government's statement is meant to mislead and scare Her Majesty's


Page 5

This is pure scare tactics threatening higher prices when there is no hard

evidence that will be the effect of living outside the EU.

Page 5

The only effect of leaving the EU on travel would be a greater use of

passports. The cost of travel was brought down not by the EU but by the

arrival of low cost airlines.

Page 5

Health care: This is not some great panacea. If you travel overseas you

take out travel insurance which covers any medical bills. This is another

scare tactic.

Page 7

Another scare tactic: leaving the EU will create years of uncertainty. There

is not one shred of evidence to support this statement. What it will do is

ensure our fishing grounds come back, making work for our fishing

industry. The RN fishery protection vessels can protect our waters from

foreign fishing boats instead of harassing UK registered boats on EU


No other country has managed to secure significant access to the single

market is a straight lie. Other countries do have trading arrangements with

the EU whilst remaining outside the EU. Norway is a case in point


Page 9                                                                                               P3.

Immigration and security. This is another straight lie. Islamic immigration

into the EU has resulted in a massive increase in rape and sexual assault

across the mainland EU. The European police forces are having to deal

with massive civil unrest from Islamic immigrants. This has resulted in the

police losing control of parts of their own cities with a resultant increase in

the indigenous population reacting noisily and in many cases, violently. If

this leaflet goes unchallenged this is what government will bring into this


Page 11

This page is total bilge. It is designed to give a feel good factor to mislead

Her Majesty's subjects.

Page 13

is again using the scare factor re job protection. Every page of this leaflet

constitutes a clear false instrument.

David Cameron, as Her Majesty's Prime Minister, and the Minister

responsible for this leaflet, you are guilty of issuing a false instrument

contrary to sec 1 of the 1981 counterfeiting and Forgery Act and sec 8 of

the above act.

As Her Majesty's Prime Minister, you, David Cameron are in a position of

trust. You are responsible to Her Majesty and her Majesty's subjects for

the proper dispersement of the monies raised by taxes.

You, David Cameron are guilty of fraudulent misappropriation of £9,000

000 of tax payers' money, to pay for the issue of a false instrument,

contrary to EU rules, and are guilty of abuse of your position contrary to

sec 4 of the 2006 Fraud Act.


To compound the above cited treason, you welcomed a foreign leader, one

Barack Obama, and allowed him to interfere in the referendum process,

with his biased views, which were not based on the interests of the people,

but were based on multinational financial and business interests, who wish

to impose TTIP, which would allow them to interfere in the running of

democratically elected countries, to further their own agendas.

Yours respectfully    English Constitution Group

Mrs Jane Birkby,
Address supplied and redacted

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