Mind Manipulation and Lies - EU Referendum – A Warning.

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Mind Manipulation and Lies - EU Referendum – A Warning.
« on: April 30, 2016, 04:43:32 PM »
Mind Manipulation and Lies - EU Referendum – A Warning.


 Please sing this petition once you have watched the video.


this morning in a general circulation when I switched on my computer.


Because I never gave my CD (the one with Heath on the cover eating cake* - this is an actual picture taken in 1970, in Witney believe it or not, during the election campaign - I have a copy of the original photograph taken by Arthur Titherington) copyright protection (at the time I was a bit scarred about what I was doing and wanted anonymity, but slowly approaching 80, it doesn't matter any more), the above 15 minute video, does not breach it.


In fact, I was quite pleased the text clips (which even have my highlighting on) have at last made the light of day.


Pleased, because I understand that the public have better things to do than read my book: 'The EU: A Corporatist Racket' derived from the CD (shoe-horned).


I've also attached a picture of the shadowy Norman Reddaway who ran the psych-ops dept (IRD) mentioned in the clip.





* My friend, I hope I may call him that, John Leftwich, produced the artwork from this photograph for the CD cover that you see today (he also produced the complicated art work you see in the book) - see attached).





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