Betrayed by liars

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Betrayed by liars
« on: May 01, 2016, 07:55:25 PM »
Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have both agreed to join together to ask the EU Commission to intervene and challenge the decision legally if the UK vote to leave the European Union, the Stronger In movement are now in alarm at the sudden shift towards Brexit support. Both the Prime Minister and the Labour leader are at the forefront of the plan to stop any vote to leave the EU and will try to secure a second referendum or make the vote void. The EU have also indicated to David Cameron that if one party overspends within their allocated budget the UK electoral commission could enforce the second referendum due to rules being broken.

Both leaders are fighting for their political lives by joining the remain campaign, but victory for Brexit would surely put their creditability in the limelight and certainly would mean the end of David Cameron, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given David Cameron her personal assurance that the EU will fight any Brexit victory through the courts which could take years with no time limit to reach a decision.

The Prime Minister seems to be prepared to fall to unchartered depths in his aim to secure the UK’s future within the EU, Jeremy Corbyn has gone from left wing terrorist supporter to an EU pimp within days, he has betrayed the loyal labour voters and hoodwinked the new members who paid their membership fee to get him into the position only to be made into an utter fools.

We are in a new Battle of Britain and we must encourage everyone to see the facts hidden behind a web of lies by the Stronger In movement, we must stop our nation being dictated to by German and Brussels who’s motivation is total control of the UK.

In the Battle of Britain our heroes were brave young men in spitfires, today our heroes will be those who use a pen not a bullet, VOTE LEAVE and become a modern day hero.

 Betrayed by liars

Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have both agreed to join together to as...

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