EU referendum: Cameron lies to liaison committee - re Turkey

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EU referendum: Cameron lies to liaison committee - re Turkey...UNBELIEVABLE!!

Our thanks to Viv for the link and keen commentary below. Obviously, Cameron is lying when he says the chances of Turkish accession to the EU is remote. He must know it is just around the corner and that if the UK stays in the EU, as he hopes, then Turkey will be a direct link to more terror in the EU and to resettlement of Turks in the UK, who will then be entitled to benefits paid for by the EU.

Don Hank

Cameron is becoming more and more a clone of Blair by the day; it is getting harder and harder to tell the difference.

EU referendum: Cameron gives evidence to liaison committee - Politics live

When Cameron was in Turkey in 2010 he said “I will remain your strongest advocate for EU membership”.  But yesterday giving evidence to a Commons Committee, he said “I don’t think Turkish accession is remotely on the cards. It won’t happen for decades”. Why did he say this?  He made that clear when he added “If your vote is influenced by Turkish EU accession, don’t think about it.  It’s not an issue in this referendum”.  Perhaps it’s just “ a dangerous fantasy” – like the EU Army?.

Meantime the European Commission and Jean Claude Juncker have been dangling accelerated EU accession in front of Turkey as an incentive for a migrant deal.  The cynicism is amazing.


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